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Choosing By Design may actually boost the selling price of your property when downsizing!

So you've decided to downsize your property, so your next step would be to put your property on the market. Choosing the estate agent could dramatically help or hinder your downsizing experience, and you could end up leaving potential money on the table. Read this article to find out how to downsize effectively.
Choosing By Design may actually boost the selling price of your property when downsizing!
When you have spent many weeks and months planning and researching a downsize of your property, you might be keen to get the ball rolling. But a little more time spent thinking about the agent you will instruct to sell your home could pay dividends. 

Selling any property requires a specific strategy to ensure the sale achieves the highest price possible. Most of the methods taken on by estate agents aim to showcase the property to a broader audience as possible, i.e., the more people are aware of the property being for sale, the higher the offers will be. How can you be sure that your agent of choice can expose your property to a wide enough market to achieve the highest possible price?

With By Design, we can be sure that your property is seen by as many potential buyers in the market as possible. 

By Design utilises innovative Artificial Intelligence to match the perfect property to the ideal buyer, wherever they may be around the UK and internationally. Consider for a moment who you were when you bought your home. It was likely a growing family who needed access to schools and transport access for you to commute to work. The estate agent's job is to find this buyer for your property, wherever they live.

Why do you need to find the 'perfect' buyer?
If a property is perfect for a particular buyer, suiting them in every way and fulfilling their every hope and dream, the perceived value of that property will be higher for that buyer; in short, they'll pay more.

How is this different to any other high street estate agent?
It is entirely different. A high street agent will, of course, be able to access the property websites and will no doubt promote your property on various websites and perhaps even social media platforms. However, they cannot utilise artificial intelligence or access By Design's revolutionary technology to locate the perfect buyer for your property. Therefore, the potential price you sell your home may be impeded.

Are you limited by location?
A local estate agent will have an abundance of property searchers on their database, of that there is no doubt. But that database will be made up of buyers who have chosen to register themselves with that agent, meaning that they are limited to buyers who have explicitly chosen to look for property in that town. But the buyers of today are much more flexible about location. As long as the property is within commutable distance of work and has high-quality educational facilities for their children nearby, relocation is not as big of an undertaking as it once was. Moving to a new location is much easier than ever, and it is more common that when searching for a new family home, a buyer will cast a wider net. 

By Design offers a unique opportunity to showcase your property to buyers living further afield. It is possible to use specific search criteria and not simply location-specific. This wider net, broader exposure, and larger market opens up your property to more buyers that could give you a higher price.

To ensure that the perfect buyer for your home is aware of your decision to sell, contact By Design today.