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Discover how the By Design method can help you secure the perfect tenant for your property.

Are you a landlord trying to find a new tenant for your property? Read this article to learn more about the By Design way of marketing your property to attract the very best tenants.
Discover how the By Design method can help you secure the perfect tenant for your property.
The average tenancy is 2-3 years, so almost all landlords will experience this at some point in their property rental journey. 

If you have a great tenant, you may feel disappointed that the time has come for them to move out and nervous about trying to find a new tenant that will be as good as the last one. 

Perhaps if you haven't had a great time with your tenants, you may feel relief that they've gone but worried about putting a new tenant in and try not to repeat the same mistakes. 

The process of searching for a tenant is relatively simple. An agent will advertise the property online and possibly mail out a batch email to tenants searching for a new property. They will then conduct viewings from all interested parties, and those who want to apply will complete an application form. From there, the most suitable applicant will progress through the referencing process and, assuming they pass the reference, will move in. 

Of course, there are advancements in advertising and referencing technology, but this is little more than putting a note in the local newsagent's window that we might have done years ago or posted into the local area groups on social media. 

It is little more than potluck. You are promoting the property's availability and hoping a tenant notices. There is a strong chance that you don't know these tenants from Adam.

There is a better way - the By Design way.

The property will be promoted publicly to potential tenants, but the batch mail out to tenants on the database is not a blanket email that will most likely be ignored or end up in junk. When a tenant registers with By Design to be informed of newly available properties, By Design agents, have a wealth of practical and valuable information about those tenants. Not simply how many bedrooms they are looking for and the price range but detailed information about their needs and requirements, timescales, family, budget and income. All of this information helps the agent to be able to perfectly match a tenant to a property.

No longer will there be a bun fight between tenants to get a viewing appointment. No longer will there be endless applications from unsuitable tenants to sift through or failed references that put you back at square one. By Design landlords can enjoy a straightforward marketing and vetting process resulting in the ideal tenant most suited to you and your property. 

Harnessing our exclusive, innovative technology, By Design use targeted advertising techniques to pinpoint the tenant and show them the best properties, rather than working in the traditional way of letting agencies, where they promote the property to anyone and everyone in the hope that the ideal tenant sees it for themselves. We work proactively to let properties, which results in happy tenants, delighted landlords and a smooth transition for all involved. 

To learn more about our process, contact our team of property experts.