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Discover how using By Design to sell your home could protect you from the fluctuations of the market

Is the unpredictability of the property market stalling your dreams of moving? Read this article to discover how sellers who use By Design are less worried about the market conditions and are moving into their dream homes.
Discover how using By Design to sell your home could protect you from the fluctuations of the market
We all know that the housing market is unpredictable, with peaks and troughs and no crystal ball to help you navigate the changes. We can never truly understand what will happen with house prices, and those who think they do know are often incorrect. 

But there is a way to ''recession-proof'' your house sale to some extent. A way to ensure that, whatever the housing market is doing, and however that is impacting sales and property prices across the board, you can be sure that you are selling for the highest price possible. 

By Design offers a unique option for selling your unique home. It's not for everyone, but the By Design Way was specifically created to ensure comprehensive coverage in the marketing of homes, but only to those buyers who are actually looking to buy a property like yours. 

There is little point in broadcasting your property for sale to everyone in the town if only a small handful of the audience can actually afford to buy it. Instead, By Design uses its expert partner agents and their connected database of proactive, serious buyers to promote your property to those who truly matter. 

Selling a property in the premium market differs from selling a property in any other price bracket. To begin with, the available buyers and market is a much smaller pool; after all, there are simply fewer people who can afford to buy in these price brackets. And as such, the marketing that needs to be done for a property must be more specific. Any agent can subscribe to multiple websites and provide statistics to show how many clicks and views your property has had, but if none of those clicks and views are serious contenders, what was the point?

The market conditions can be impacted by many different issues, but things that affect a first-time buyer, such as the availability of mortgage financing, and issues that affect a working family, such as rising gas prices, are unlikely to be such a problem to a buyer of a premium priced property. These economic pressures are not as worrisome to someone with a high net worth, earnings or equity levels. With this in mind, these economic factors are unlikely to put someone in this price bracket off moving house.

So, how can By Design ensure that you can still sell your home for the highest possible price, irrespective of the market conditions at the time?

Our revolutionary, exclusive technology: All partner agents across the country work together to help match buyers to properties. Our database is connected throughout the network, so buyers from one town will be notified of properties that suit them in another. How does this benefit you? Using AI and our exclusive technology, buyers will be notified of the properties that fit their exact needs based on those requirements, not just location. This allows the partner agents to pinpoint the buyer most likely to fall head over heels in love with your property. You are not hoping that this buyer finds you; we find them!

Unrivalled worldwide coverage: Sellers who chose By Design to sell their homes can enjoy global coverage in publications and websites that appeal to the most discernible high-net-worth buyers. Your property can be seen in places like the Wall St Journal property sections and our social media and newsletter publications. There is, of course, a carefully curated online promotion plan for every property we bring to the market to ensure no stone is left unturned. We even have exclusive connections that can result in articles in mainstream publications such as The Times - click here to read the article - How does this benefit you? It is simply not enough to say that you showcase a property online. Our sellers know that the property is promoted fully to the people who matter, the potential buyers who can, and indeed will, travel wherever the perfect property takes them. It is vital that they see your home, and By Design can make sure that they will.

It makes sense that the sales figures at the premium end of the property market are a little slower than that of the property market as a whole; there are simply not as many potential buyers in this bracket. But, as the press reports widespread problems, are the issues affecting the higher price brackets in quite the same way as those properties in the lower price points? 

By Design sellers can ensure that they are not as affected by press reports and market conditions. We sell beautiful, unique properties that warrant special attention to detail and exemplary service. These properties attract serious buyers who can buy, regardless of how much the gas bill has increased.

A recent article written for us by property expert Simon Gates explained that cash sales in the UK are predicted to fall by just 1% compared to 2022, and this is an interesting read when considering 71% of properties sold in Prime Central London this year have been bought in cash. This compares to 35% of cash purchases in the UK property market as a whole over the first seven months of the year.

So, if you own a premium property and are considering selling, don't be put off by doom and gloom news stories; get in touch with By Design today.