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Discover the amazing power of PR and how it can help to sell your premium home.

Are you planning to put your property on the market in the next few months? Have you already heard the marketing tactics each agent will use to sell your home? The likelihood is they're missing a crucial element in the marketing strategy when selling properties in the premium market - read this article to find out what!
Discover the amazing power of PR and how it can help to sell your premium home.
Many estate agents will inform you of their marketing strategy and how they will promote your property during their presentation. They will tell you about their website, online presence, and social media followers. They will tell you about their for-sale boards and their plans with mailouts and email marketing. But what is it all for? How does this affect you?

The aim of all of these strands of the marketing strategy for a property is to get broader coverage and exposure. Coverage and exposure will give you a greater chance that your home will be seen by the ideal potential buyer. It will showcase your home to as many buyers as possible, attracting viewers and hopefully resulting in great offers. But if every agent does the same thing, how does this help you? How can you be sure that the agents' efforts will result in this wider exposure? Perhaps you need to use an agent that can do something a little bit different?

This is where By Design's marketing strategy and PR connections come to the fore. The use of PR is not often discussed by estate agents; it is entirely under-utilised and often overlooked. And this huge gap in the market is a fantastic USP for By Design.

Exclusive connections with PR firms, journalists, national newspapers, and media groups ensure that we can market the creme-de-la-creme of property to the best buyers. People love to look at property, even if they are not actually planning to move, and so the media like to cover properties in their publications to give their audiences something great to look at. This could be your home, in the property section of The Times or maybe even the Wall St Journal!

But why is PR the answer? And how is it different from simply paying for an advertisement?


Our exclusive connections with PR firms and journalists ensure your property receives the coverage and exposure it deserves. The articles will reach a much larger audience than just those actively searching for a property. If your home resonates with someone enough, it could be the catalyst for them choosing to move where perhaps they hadn't even given it a second thought previously.


This is the only way to ensure that your home is in front of the right people. The property needs to be shown to the right audience, the high-net-worth individuals looking to buy properties in the premium market. This will not be successful if you place a card in the window of the local newsagents or simply advertise with a small, local estate agent. Properties at the top end of the market need to be marketed in a place where the audience will see them - showcasing properties in the right area so that the right clientele will see them.


It is authentic. A press release is an editorial, not an advert, written by an independent person with their own personal opinion. It is thought to be 3x more impactful than an advert that has been paid for because the reader relates to the journalist's opinion more than if they were reading an advert they know is biased.

If you want to sell your property, you need to get it in front of the right people, and the only way to ensure this is happening is to increase exposure in the right areas. A press release can be published in national newspapers and online, receiving millions of impressions, which is simply not available to a high street agent. 

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