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Don't be in such a rush to get your home onto the property websites

How portals can be working against you with your property sale!
Don't be in such a rush to get your home onto the property websites
Many people are wowed by the fact the estate agent can get your property onto Rightmove quickly. It is almost seen as a positive USP to help you decide which agent to use to sell your home.

Stop: This is a red flag! 

There's no need to rush. Once you go live on Rightmove, you have started an imaginary timer. This timer is counting down the days until the interest in your property will inevitably drop. 

If you launch directly to Rightmove, this clock starts ticking. The algorithm will work for you to promote your property to buyers, showing them your photographs and encouraging them to make an appointment to view. 

But, after 3 or 4 weeks, the algorithm starts to work against you. They are promoting the new properties that have just been launched, and you're left on the shelf. 

The only way to boost the interest levels again is to reduce the price!

So, to play the algorithm, you drop the price, and the system will promote your property again to the browsers and buyers that scroll the website. But sadly, a few short weeks later, they are promoting others again. Can you keep this cycle up? Just dropping the price and dropping the price until someone likes your property enough to view and offer on it? What an expensive way of selling a home!

There is another way. A way that can encourage the very best, hottest buyers without broadcasting the property to the nation and hoping that the right person finds it on their own. A way that works for you, not against you. 

And it's discrete. You could market your property, safe in the knowledge that you have the best possible price, without even publishing the property on the websites. Many high-end properties are located down private drives, filled with valuable antiques, jewellery, art, and family heirlooms. 

Security is a priority. Do you really want strangers nosing around your property? Driving down your driveway? No, probably not. And perhaps you are not ready to broadcast your moving plans to the world, your friends, family, and neighbours. 

By Design agents are different. 

Property websites are great and certainly have their place, but they're like a noticeboard in a village; After a while, people will stop looking at it.

If your property is on a website, it's in the thick of it, with everyone else jostling for attention. Like a greengrocer at a market, shouting to passers-by, it's not a very sophisticated way to sell such a valuable possession. 

Consider a different way. Your photoshoot, filming and marketing materials are all prepared, taking time to get the perfect lighting and the best angles. Not rushing, but taking a considered approach to achieving the very best. 

The property is shown only to the most likely interested parties. They are VIP buyers known to be interested in properties like yours. You're not relying on these people finding your property; you are showing them the best. If they aren't interested, for whatever reason, no problem. This is the first tool in the toolbox, not the last resort.

So then you open up to the By Design connected database, showing only registered buyers that are proactive and ready to buy. The second tool in the toolbox, if you like. If this doesn't sell your property, no problem, but you have the decision to make now. Do you a) put your property onto the open market, joining all other properties to fight for the attention of any potential buyer? Or do you b) consider that your home, at its current price, has been shown to a highly curated list of proactive buyers who said they wanted to buy a home just like yours. And they haven't bought it. So, ask yourself, is the price too high? 

When, or if, you decide to market your home on the portal websites, you'll be listed as a new instruction. And you will get all of the algorithm benefits that this brings. You're not at the mercy of the website's price brackets because your home has, as of yet, hasn't featured on those websites. So, you can adjust your pricing accordingly without being dictated by the search brackets online. You can see how you would get the best of both worlds. 

By Design agents use innovative software to manage our extensive database of buyers. And the best part is that By Design agents work together with a connected database across the whole network. This means that if a property comes up for sale in Leamington Spa and the perfect buyer is moving from Liverpool, the system will still match them up. No need to worry about any geographical restrictions.

There are no tricks or gimmicks, just clever software exclusive to By Design to help pinpoint the buyer most likely to offer the highest price for your property. You will no longer have to sit on overcrowded websites, competing with all the other properties on the market. You're not hoping the perfect buyer stumbles across your property at the right time. We can find them and show them the property they need to see. The one that fits their needs better than any other. 

Get in touch today to learn more about how By Design uses a different way to sell unique homes.