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Elevating the Home Selling Experience: Why Quality Presentation is Non-Negotiable for Estate Agents

For premium estate agents it’s a constant challenge to seek ways to set yourselves apart and deliver exceptional results for your clients.
Elevating the Home Selling Experience: Why Quality Presentation is Non-Negotiable for Estate Agents
You only need to take a quick glance at Rightmove to see all the new estate agents popping up across the UK. Fees have long been a race to the bottom with some agents willing to give a high valuation and offer a low fee just to get business. 

In my experience estate agents tend to forget that home sellers, their clients, are a very unsophisticated buyer group of estate agency services. People only move a handful of times in their lives. This gives the premium agent both an opportunity and a challenge.

The agent who takes the time to explain the difference in service a client can expect from an agent charging 1% and an agent charging 2.5% will be in the minority. Sellers in the premium end of the market are often used to paying a little more for great service. But the premium agent charging more does have to follow through and provide more value for their fee.  

One key strategy that is still under used in the UK market is advising a client about the importance of presentation ahead of their sale. From professional photography to immersive video tours and expert staging, these services are essential for estate agents looking to elevate the home selling experience and achieve outstanding results for their clients.

These added services are what sets you apart from your competition and give a strong added value and the reason for being able to command higher fees. 

Great presentation isn’t just about selling houses – it’s about telling a story through the visuals, the photos, tours and videos. Agents who pay attention to the presentation at the outset understand the role of visual storytelling in selling a home.

If they don’t have the skills and resources in house then working with a home staging business will ensure that every home they bring to market is shown in the best possible light. Clients can trust that their estate agent will deliver exceptional results that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

By effectively communicating the advantages of these services and demonstrating the potential return on investment, as an agent, you will be able to create a win-win scenario. Your client achieves a higher offer more quickly and you not only receive your fees at a higher level, but you also become the agent of choice in your area. New clients want to work with you because they can see beautifully presented homes on your website and across your social media and notice that most of them are under offer very quickly. 

In Elaine’s new book, “How to Sell Your House” launching 30th May, she talks to home sellers about what they should be seeking when choosing an agent. From stunning photography to eye-catching staging, these resources will make their property shine and stand out on the market to give it a better chance of selling quickly and for a better price. Elaine interviewed many property experts in the writing of the book including By Design’s very own David Lindley. 

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