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Festive Insights from Prime Home Movers: How We Celebrate Christmas - Edition 4

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Festive Insights from Prime Home Movers: How We Celebrate Christmas - Edition 4
With it being the Newsletter Before Christmas, we've unwrapped the festive habits of prime home movers - the most affluent (income and house value) who intend to move next year. We've discovered some jolly good insights that are more surprising than finding an extra present under the tree!

While the rest of Great Britain is busy wrapping gifts, prime home movers are outdoing them, surpassing the national average in the gift-giving department. Spreading holiday cheer is a top priority in prime home movers' circles.

When it comes to work Christmas parties, prime home movers are the life of the party! They attend these work festive gatherings far more than the average Brit, making merry and spreading cheer.

Interestingly, prime home movers are slightly less inclined than their counterparts across Great Britain to send out Christmas cards. But they're nearly doubling the national average when it comes to hosting Christmas parties at home. Clearly, prime home movers love a good celebration.

Prime home movers are four times as likely to go ice skating, though this is still a niche activity compared to other festive traditions.

The debate rages on whether it is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Prime home movers mirror the national preference closely. Father Christmas wins in more than half of prime home movers, but they are three times as likely to use a mysterious 'other name'. Any suggestions?

On average, prime home movers are more likely than the rest of Great Britain to splash out more on their 'main' Christmas present. Luxury is the name of the game in prime circles. But not by much at all on average. That said, they are also half as likely as the population not to expect a present.

Clothes or shoes, health and beauty, books and drink (including alcohol) are the favoured gifts among prime home movers, significantly outpacing the national trend. Avoid movies, music, and vouchers. Sorry, John Lewis. For what it is worth, I am thrilled to receive vouchers. Bring forth the John Lewis vouchers.

When it comes to decking the halls, prime home movers are more inclined to put up their decorations later than most of Britain. But, interestingly, while the artificial tree still takes the star for the majority, they are more likely to opt for a real Christmas tree, embracing the traditional yuletide spirit.

If a prime home mover's Christmas tree decorated by a child looks less than perfect, prime home movers are much more inclined to redecorate it than the average Brit. While the larger number will leave it like the rest of the UK, aesthetics for some hold a special place in prime homes.

Prime home movers have a sweeter tooth for Christmas cake than the national average, with a higher proportion liking or loving this traditional treat. Half like it compared to a third nationally. Personally, I can't stand it. Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, now we're talking.

Regarding Christmas songs, prime home movers differ only slightly from the rest of Britain in their favourites, but the classics still reign supreme. Pop pickers, the top three are:

#3 All I Want for Christmas is You (1994) by Mariah Carey
#2 Last Christmas (1986) by Wham
# 1 Fairytale of New York (1987) by the Pogues (RIP Shane McGowan)
"None of these" actually came in second.

Interestingly, a more significant proportion of prime home movers find Christmas somewhat relaxing compared to the national average, hinting at a more laid-back approach to the festive season.

The age-old debate continues, and we're here to resolve it:

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Prime home movers are pretty evenly split on this, reflecting the national ambiguity. 39% say it is, and 37% say it isn't.

All this data, fun as it is, is about understanding your audience and their thoughts. It's worth noting that at this time of year, 23% of people will not be expecting presents, 16% will not be putting up decorations, and 19% will not have a tree. Just under a fifth of prime home movers simply don't celebrate Christmas.

More importantly, regarding brands expressing their views on environmental issues, animal cruelty, human rights, and LGBT+ rights, prime home movers are more accepting than the national average, suggesting a progressive mindset.

Just don't mention the monarchy, capital punishment, supporting a political party, regional autonomy, or religious issues. A fifth of prime home movers prefer brands to discuss none of these.

Prime home movers definitely have their unique ways of celebrating Christmas, from lavish gifting to elegant belated decorating. Just don't mess it up, children. It blends tradition and luxury with a sprinkle of unique preferences.

So to finish, as Tiny Tim observed, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, everyone!" And in the immortal words from a particular action film, "Yippy kay yay..." to a festive and fabulous season!

Wishing you all a delightful and prosperous festive season from all of us at Unchained Towers!