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From Tenant Neglect to Market Ready: The journey of a small stately home

The staging of larger, period homes presents unique challenges. It necessitates not only the use of sizeable, high quality pieces of furniture to fill big rooms, but also the expertise to address various property issues.
From Tenant Neglect to Market Ready: The journey of a small stately home
At Lemon and Lime we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in staging premium country homes. This type of property often requires our team to provide far more than a simple staging service which adds furniture or declutters an owner’s belongings.  

The first project we did with By Design was with Adam Lascelles in Lincolnshire. He had the challenge of selling Longhills Hall, a Grade II listed country residence in Lincoln with the proportions of a small stately home. The house had had fallen into disrepair, it had been tenanted for some years. The primary issues when we first saw it with Adam, were its empty, dated rooms and the considerable amount of repair work needed, particularly to the fascia.

Our approach began with a thorough assessment of the property, followed by mobilising our team of experienced decorators, plumbers, builders and joiners. Over several weeks, we methodically tackled the various challenges. Externally, stonework and windows were repaired and painted. The gardens were tamed and brought back to some semblance of order. Inside, the carpets were replaced to create a fresh and inviting look. Many of the rooms required painting and we strategically chose deeper colour tones to add drama and personality to create a luxury appeal to potential buyers. Each room was carefully planned, we ensured that the furniture, artwork and accessories we chose was of a style, size and quality to match the home. 

One of the critical changes we implemented was re-imagining the use of the ten bedrooms. On the assumption that most modern families don’t need ten bedrooms, we gave some of these rooms a purpose that would resonate with prospective buyers. We transformed the second floor, the most neglected space, into a leisure suite strategically using furniture and accessories to create a cinema room, games room and a gym. These additions added significant value for a family target market, showcasing the versatility and luxury of the property.

Once the property was market ready, the By Design PR team were involved. One phase in the history of the house was as the wartime stationing of Richard Adams, author of the famous children’s book Watership Down. With the renovation, staging and By Design marketing power a new owner has now been found for this fabulous home. 

At Lemon and Lime, we understand that staging homes in the premium market requires far more than filling rooms with furniture bought from mainstream suppliers. It demands a comprehensive approach that may include repairs, thoughtful design choices and a clear vision of the home's potential. Whether it's a modest cottage or a grand country estate, we bring the same level of dedication and expertise to every project, ensuring that each property we touch reaches its fullest potential. Our aim is always to maximise the sale of every home you bring to market, achieving offers which were well out of reach without expert help on the  presentation.

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