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How can an estate agent be proactive rather than reactive when trying to sell your property?

Since launching By Design, many home movers have experienced the By Design difference and how we are revolutionising the moving process for many homeowners in the premium property market. Read this article to find out why.
How can an estate agent be proactive rather than reactive when trying to sell your property?
Moving house is often reported as a stressful experience, no matter whether you are selling a property for £100,000 or £100million. Perhaps this is down to the sheer volume of moving parts that we have no control over throughout the process. You can choose when to put your property on the market and which agent you want to use, but essentially, you can't control the ultimate sale price, who will buy it and the timescale you will move by. This lack of control increases stress and anxiety and means we only steel ourselves to tackle moving when really necessary. 

We spend years thinking about it, planning for it, trying to get our ducks in a row, so to speak, before feeling ready to take the plunge and put the property on the market. It makes sense then to select an agent that can control more aspects of the sale of your property than a traditional high street agent, right? Control the controllable, and you will feel less stress and less anxiety. Sounds great, right? But how does it work? How is it possible?

By Design are different. The way that estate agents have worked has changed very little for decades. Of course, the influence of the internet and social media has made marketing and exposure much easier, and digital photography and video content are widely available now, which has undoubtedly improved the presentation of properties and marketing. But, realistically, an agent in an office will advertise a property and hope that a buyer sees it and decides to buy. It's not exactly revolutionary, is it?

But we're living in a digital age. Artificial Intelligence is here, and it is learning more and more every day. If you ask us, it's crazy not to adopt this new technology in estate agency. By Design is the only agent that uses AI and revolutionary technology to help our sellers achieve a sale.

AI allows our agents to be proactive in the search for a buyer. It isn't a case of the robots taking over but harnassing technological advances to improve the price achieved and overall experience when moving house. Our agents don't just put a photograph in the window of their office or broadcast the listing to the whole world through property portals; they use the technology that is exclusively available to them to match the perfect buyer to your property. It must be the perfect buyer and not just any old buyer because the buyer who thinks your property is perfect for them will perceive the value of your home to be higher - this is the way to sell for the highest price. 

So, getting into the nitty gritty, if someone views your property's online listing, our By Design agents can follow them up rather than waiting for them to get in touch. It seems simple, and perhaps it is, but this information is unavailable to a traditional estate agent. They would only be able to see analytics, the number of times the property listing has been clicked on, but not by whom. And this is the crucial difference. 

And this works across the entire network, not just the individual branches. So, if someone is looking to move into Surrey, for example, from London, they would search the available properties, register with By Design, and both the Surrey branch and the London branches could work together to get the property sold and perhaps sell the property in London too so that the chain is complete and handled by one firm ensuring that all runs smoothly. 

AI also offers another crucial benefit that is particularly important for the upper echelons of the property market. Very expensive homes and very wealthy homeowners often don't want their property broadcast across the internet for all to see. AI allows these clients to sell discreetly, without the need for website promotion, social media marketing or even a for-sale board. You wouldn't need to inform all of your neighbours or even your family until you had a firm offer from a buyer, which could save you a lot of stress and anxiety.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in and you would like to know more about how By Design is more proactive in finding you a buyer than a traditional estate agent, get in touch today.