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How Can By Design Help You Build An Amazing Property Portfolio?

As a property investor, you will most likely have one eye on the property market at all times, always aware of the new properties and whether or not they sell. Whilst you might know your local market inside out, do you know if it is the best market to invest in, or could there be a better option?
How Can By Design Help You Build An Amazing Property Portfolio?
Most property investors will purchase investment properties within 10 miles of their homes. You know this area well and can easily access the properties for viewings, renovations and tenancy inspections. It is close by and simple to visit whenever the need arises.

If you invest close to home, you know the streets, the property types, and the pros and cons of different areas. You can instantly see whether a property is good value for money and will know if you can rent the property out easily. You will know how to target the most likely tenant for the property, and you can keep a close eye on the market, analysing and monitoring. You might even go one step further and check on the rental market, what is renting and what prices are being achieved. Maybe you even have alerts to get an email when a new property comes to the market.

But what if you were to look further afield for your next investment? Consider another market, another town, another location? Could it be much more lucrative? Higher rental yields or maybe lower investment figures? 

There will undoubtedly be cheaper areas to invest in, which will give you a greater return than the area you live in. But it is tricky to start to look at a wider area. Gathering information about a new market, researching and learning about the good and bad areas of a new place takes time and effort. And when we all have busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to invest in this research process, hence why most landlords stick to what they know. 

Is there an easy way to broaden your investment horizons? Yes, there is, By Design. 

Unlike large corporate agents, By Design is an integrated network of independent estate agents. They work individually in that wonderful way that independent agents do whilst also having the coverage of the countrywide agents. In their core values, their high-quality service, the expert knowledge of the industry and the invaluable database of people and properties. Registering your property requirements with By Design will provide property updates from across the whole network, delivered to your inbox without any input from you. 

By Design agents are top-tier independent estate agents working together to market, sell and rent homes nationwide. Working together ensures that they can give the very best coverage of the market to their sellers. And to a potential buyer, you are not limited to one location but have access to properties listed in all areas we cover. 

You simply inform By Design of the property type you are looking for and your budget and leave the rest to us. You will be notified each time a property that suits your requirements is listed. If the properties are not quite right, simply log in and alter the criteria. And if you see a property you like the look of, you can contact the listing agent directly for more information about the area and the rental market. 

As experts working within each location, our agents have a wealth of knowledge. They are there to help and assist with your property purchase and investment portfolio with as little upheaval for you as possible. 

No matter where you live, consider investing your cash into a property that works for your portfolio, not necessarily because it is close to home. Make the most of high profitability areas without spending your life driving to them, put your trust in By Design and increase your investment with ease whilst ensuring continuity for you as you can work with the same brand with the same service and core values.

Get in touch with By Design today and discover how we can help you to purchase the best investment for you and your portfolio.