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How having the right estate agent's for sale board can add £ to your home's value.

Before you put your property up for sale, ensure you've chosen the right agent for you and your property. This is not just the one you like or will charge the lowest fees; it goes much deeper than that. Read this article to find out how choosing the right estate agent to handle the sale of your home can actually increase your property's sale price.
How having the right estate agent's for sale board can add £ to your home's value.
The value and marketing price are paramount when deciding to sell your home. You want to receive offers of the highest price for your property and consider all manner of marketing strategies and advertising ideas to get there. But what if the choice of estate agent was the key? Is it possible you are reducing the potential sale price right from the off? Could you be on the back foot before you've even got started?

Not every agent can or should sell every type of property, and making the wrong decision could drastically reduce the potential price you could achieve for your home. The key is to select an agent with experience selling properties like yours. No two property sales are the same, but the difference between selling a studio apartment in the city centre and a country house with land is night and day. 

Why should you choose the right estate agent to sell your property?

  • The agent will be familiar with properties like yours, so they will be well-equipped to highlight the USPs for your property.
  • They will have an audience for your property. Think about their database or their little black book. If that is filled with buyers looking for a country house like yours, this ready-made audience will be ready to see your home. If their black book is filled with investors or first-time buyers, their audience will not be engaged with properties like yours.

But this goes deeper than a surface-level thought about who is on the agent's mailing list. Consider how the agent is received by potential buyers searching for a new home. Will your agent appeal to the higher net-worth individuals you hope to attract? Is the branding and for sale board in line with branding that shows the value and quality of your home? Is your agent aligned with the likes of Harvey Nichols or Selfridges food hall, or are they more Aldi? 

If you're selling a premium property at the highest value in the market, your agent needs to have the right stature that aligns with your property and the quality and value you are offering. If the agent does not usually handle sales of properties in the premium market and higher value homes, the chances are that they will simply not have the buyers that are actively looking in that market. 

This is not to say that they won't have the money, that they are not of the same class and won't be able to handle a sale like yours. Of course, they will. The sale of a property should receive the same attention to detail regardless of the value of that property. But, it does mean that the agent is less likely to have a database filled with potential buyers looking for a property like yours in the price bracket where your property sits. Whilst this won't necessarily affect their ability to sell your property, there will inevitably be fewer potential buyers. This reduction in potential buyers will result in lower demand for your property. As I am sure you will already know, lower demand for something will reduce the perceived value. 

If you market your property with this agent, you may find it a little slow; perhaps there are not many viewings because they simply don't have the contacts looking for a home like yours. Low viewing numbers will most likely lead to a cause to reduce the property's price to try to generate interest and increase those numbers. 

So how should it be?
In contrast, if you select an agent that is familiar with and comfortable selling homes in the premium market, your launch to the market will be far more impactful. The database will be filled with potential buyers looking for a property like yours. The agent's little black book of contacts will be high-net-worth individuals looking to buy a property in your price bracket. Launching your property to the market will be successful, with plenty of buyers arranging viewing appointments. The interest will be high, and offers will come flooding in. 

The magic is in the database. The list of buyers looking for high-value homes will be with the agents that usually sell those high-value homes. A premium property buyer will not register their email address with every estate agent on the high street because they don't want to be inundated with unnecessary emails and phone calls. So, your best bet is to market your home with an agent with those high net worth buyers registered on their databases. 

You need to match the agent to the property; otherwise, you may find that the buyers who come forward to view your property are not in the premium market and may not be able to or willing to pay your premium price.

And one of the key benefits of selling your home with By Design is high-quality branding to match your high-quality property and a database that spans the entire network, attracting buyers from every corner of the country looking to buy a premium property.

If you want to know more about how By Design agents are perfectly positioned to sell your home? And how that positioning within the market could result in higher offers for you? Get in touch with our property professionals for more information.