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How the most exclusive properties are sold and how you can get on the list to find out about them

Are you searching for your dream home? Do you spend hours scouring property websites, imagining your life in these beautiful houses? Did you know the home of your dreams might be for sale right now but NOT found on those websites? Read this article to find out more…
How the most exclusive properties are sold and how you can get on the list to find out about them
Looking at properties online is somewhat of a hobby for many people. Beautiful homes, perfectly styled and presented, imagining your life if you were to live there. Envisioning enjoying your coffee on the patio in the morning sun, hosting parties for all of your friends and family in the dining room, and BBQs in the summer. It satisfies the nosey part of us, the curiosity about how other homes are presented inside, and perhaps even feeding into the dream that you may be able to live in one of these fabulous houses, too.

The name of the game for most property sales is exposure. The more people know your property is for sale, the better your chances of selling. But what if you don't want everyone nosing at your interiors?

Some of the most prestigious homes and the highest profile homeowners don't want people to nosey around inside their houses. They might not want a virtual tour to allow people to get a close-up of the art they have hung on the walls or the family photographs. They might not feel comfortable with people being able to see their family heirlooms or antiques or see into their bedrooms, their most private and personal spaces.

So, how do these properties sell? These are likely to be the most special, most beautiful, most impressive homes of all, and you can't even see them. Until now…

Some agents can offer a more discrete way of marketing homes, but they don't have the systems or contacts in place to actively sell your property. You are at the mercy of their little black book, their VIP list, but what if they don't know that many people or don't have access to the right buyers?

By Design has such a robust marketing system, harnessing artificial intelligence and up-to-the-minute technology in data management, that many of our most special clients and properties opt for a more discrete way of marketing their homes. And you can, too.

Our little black book is not little; it is a treasure trove of serious buyers looking for exclusive homes all over the UK and internationally. No time wasters or nosey neighbours-just serious people searching for their dream home.

If you are not comfortable with the thought of your home being exposed in the open market for all to see, perhaps a discrete marketing option would work for you, too? This way, you can have the benefits of a discrete, quiet sale without jeopardising the price. It won't diminish your chances of selling in any way; if anything, a little exclusivity will help and ensure that the buyers visiting your home are serious.

If you want to make sure that you are not missing out on the perfect home for you, register with By Design for alerts of all properties we bring to the market, not just the ones you can find online.