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How to create a premium marketing strategy for your home to maximise results when selling

Marketing a property for sale requires expertise and experience from an estate agent who really knows their stuff. Read this article to find out what is needed to ensure your property marketing maximises your sale.
How to create a premium marketing strategy for your home to maximise results when selling
A good marketing strategy should not be overlooked when selling a house. Essentially, getting the marketing right will attract buyers and give them the confidence to proceed with an offer.

When we think about this in property selling terms, we need to consider how buyers behave and what they are looking for? What are their expectations?

There are three main elements to marketing a house – Price, Presentation and Promotion. A premium agent will work hard to do all these well to achieve the best sale for their client.

You may have seen multiple agents and found that their valuations can vary significantly. Sellers often jump to the highest valuation and the lowest fee; it's human nature to want a good deal. Many sellers view an estate agency's services as all the same, and agents don't always explain clearly any points of difference.

It is vital to recognise the difference between opting for a higher fee and the service that this higher fee may pay for. Also, the highest valuation may not be suitable for your property, and you must view the valuations practically and pragmatically. You need your agent to explain different pricing models, a Plan B if the initial marketing doesn't work out and how they will allocate their time and resources to finding the best buyer.

The presentation of your property is vital, and your agent should be able to consider all factors of the property and the potential marketing available in their toolkit, staging the property perfectly and including a personalised property description, floorplans and professional photography.

If these elements are not thoroughly thought through and the presentation of the property is ignored, the property is not going to the market ready to attract buyers.

Promoting your property involves much more than simply loading the images to a property website. There are various social media channels to utilise, which when combined with a bit of enthusiasm and 'out of the box' thinking, can be massively impactful for property sales.

Getting the price, the presentation and the promotion of a home right is critical to attracting the target buyer. Neglecting just one of these factors may well mean your home stays on the market much longer than a similar home that gets all three right from the start.

Look no further than By Design if you want a sophisticated and personalised approach to selling your luxury property. A robust marketing strategy utilising all aspects of marketing and promotion, as well as revolutionary technology, works together to ensure that you see massive success with the sale of your home.

Elaine Penhall

Lemon and Lime Interiors.