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Is this the last chance to sell your home before Summer?

Are you trying to sell your home and not having much luck? Now could be the perfect time to reduce your price and revitalise your marketing to ensure a sale this Summer.
Is this the last chance to sell your home before Summer?
When a homeowner puts their property on the market, they usually have some idea of when they want to actually move. Whether you hope to move during the school holidays or before Christmas, putting your home on the market is the first step. Certain times throughout the calendar have busier market periods as buyers and sellers work towards these target move days.

Trying to plan ahead is almost impossible when you don't know precisely when this task may need to take place. And it's such a huge, momentous task. Packing up everything you own and transporting it to a new property. Even if you decide to pay the removal company to pack for you, there is still so much to coordinate. 

Selling a home takes time, from the initial marketing, viewings, and offer negotiation to the agreed sale and the legal process. With buyers and sellers connected to each other in a chain, many factors must be considered when moving home. There is never really a perfect time to move, but it is likely that if you are on the market already, you were probably hoping for a summer sale. 

As the spring progresses and the daffodils begin to die off, we have longer days and warmer weather as Summer arrives. But, if your home has been on the market for some time, you may start thinking that a summer move will not be possible, and your hopes of a perfectly timed move are dashed. 

There is no exact science to marketing your home; you must appeal to the right buyer at the right time for the right amount of money. Easy, right? But it isn't as simple as that in reality. 

Pricing your property is more of a best estimate than an exact process. As the saying goes, a property is worth what someone is willing to pay. The skill is in finding the buyer that will pay the highest price. Any property would sell if cheap enough - the buyer would make certain compromises because the price is reasonable. 

You have been on the market for some time without a sale. It is fair to say that the price is not right if you have not found a buyer. And if there is no exact science and no way to confirm that the price of your home is accurate, the only thing you can do is trial and error. 

After checking that your property has the coverage, exposure and marketing strategy in place to ensure that as many buyers are aware of it as possible, if there is still no sale, then the logical next step would be to consider a correction in the pricing. 

Reducing the price of your property is not a negative thing to do and will not harm your future marketing in any way. What it will do is reveal your property to a broader audience that is searching in a lower price bracket. The perfect buyer for your property may not even know it because the price was higher than they had considered. 

Of course, it can be a little disheartening to look at the price and shave a considerable chunk off it; after all, any money that you make on the sale of the property comes straight out of your pocket, but you must be sensible and realistic if you are to achieve your perfect timescale of a sale of your property by the end of Summer. Otherwise, you may find yourself still on the market at Christmas.

Marketing your home with By Design will mean that you can pinpoint the possible buyer of the property searching for a home like yours. If they are the perfect buyer, and they're not interested in the price you're marketing at, then you have a decision to make. Reduce to appeal to this specific buyer or stay on the market and hope that either a) a buyer will come along willing to pay your price or b) the market increases and catches up to the current asking price of your property. 

Property selling is unpredictable, but some elements can be monitored and assessed, allowing you to make informed judgements. Sadly, hoping that someone thinks your price is reasonable when all evidence points to the contrary or hoping that the property market increases to make your price seem reasonable are neither sensible nor predictable options. And it is this lack of control that can cause a homeowner to feel stressed and frustrated when they are trying to sell. 

By Design agents work together with a shared database of thousands of property buyers. If your perfect buyer is out there, then they will be able to find them. And if the ideal buyer doesn't want to buy your property, then you are left floating, bereft, hoping for a different buyer to pay your price. 

A more logical approach would be to correct the price following the up-to-date evidence and sell your home before Summer runs out. 

To learn more about how By Design agents can pinpoint your perfect buyer for a summer sale and ensure that you are not still on the market at Christmas, get in touch today.