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Is your home a By Design home?

Is your home a By Design home? How to know if your property is suited to By Design's exceptional marketing.
Is your home a By Design home?
By Design sells the best homes across the UK, but what makes a home a By Design home? 

As a luxury agent, you may think that we deal with only the very highest-value homes in the property market, but this is not the case. In fact, many properties could be considered a By Design property; read on to find out if your home fits the bill.

Anything but ordinary. 

By Design properties are unique, one-of-a-kind, quirky or unusual and often luxurious. This doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be very large houses, but it does mean that they are not ordinary.

It's not just for the expensive properties. 

Unique properties require a unique approach to marketing to help to locate the perfect buyer, the buyer that will pay a premium for a property with specific features. This is something that a standard marketing strategy simply can't do. Publishing your photographs to a property portal website and hoping that a buyer likes the look of it is not the way to sell a unique home for a premium price; it takes much more finesse than that and is something that only By Design can offer.

Finding the perfect buyer. 

The perfect buyer for a property is the one that wants to buy the property so much that they will practically pay any amount necessary to be able to buy it. This can be like searching for a needle in a haystack unless you use By Design to sell your property! 

Our artificial intelligence and exclusive innovative technology mean that we can harness the power of the connected database of buyers to pinpoint the exact person looking for a property just like yours. 

Standard marketing simply won't cut it.

A typical estate agent with traditional marketing will work just fine when selling a regular property. But if you have a unique property, you need marketing that can match. Using a whole host of techniques, expertise, and experience, we can ensure that you sell your home to that perfect buyer for the very best price possible.

A By Design property is not the biggest, most expensive, or even most luxurious. The By Design way works exceptionally well for unique properties that need something more than a standard approach. 

Get in touch today to learn how we use modern, proactive marketing strategies and broad market coverage to sell unique and exciting homes to the most engaged buyer database. You can rest assured that the right buyer will be found for your property.