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The quirky features in your home that sell the lifestyle and will attract the perfect buyer: Gym

Occasionally, a property comes to the market with something a little different. A little bit special, which makes it stand out from the rest. Find out more about how adding a home gym to your property could attract a buyer.
The quirky features in your home that sell the lifestyle and will attract the perfect buyer: Gym
Life can be busy. Every day is filled to the brim with errands, chores, work, meetings, emails, messages, phone calls, and family. Rushing here and there. 

On top of this, we are supposed to eat healthily and stay active with our 10,000 daily steps and at least 30 minutes of exercise. It is almost impossible to keep up.

How on earth are you supposed to find time to get to the gym for a workout and fit everything else in?

If your home is big enough, you simply change one of the lesser-used rooms into a gym. The increase in popularity with things like Peloton, and of course after we were all locked down for months on end, has seen a rise in home gyms. As long as you have the extra space, a home gym can be simple enough to put together with your favourite pieces of cardio equipment and some free weights or a rack of some sort.

Imagine being one of those people who can get their workout done before anyone else has even woken up. No need to worry about getting childcare because you haven’t left the house. No more waiting for the dumbbells someone else is using or having to clean down sweaty treadmills before you can use them.

Having a gym at home vastly increases your chances of using it. 

It is super convenient, no travelling to the gym, trying to get parked or catching a train. No public showers or shared dumbbells. No music that you don’t like to train to pound in your ears at 6am. 

Your workout can be tailored to your exact needs. Bright lights or dimmed. Loud music or no music? No busy periods or closing times to worry about. Your very own gym is perfect for you to grab a quick workout before breakfast or spend as long on the treadmill as you like without running out of time. 

So how do you go about creating a home gym? 
Firstly, consider what kind of exercise you like - cardio or lifting weights. Do you want to train in circuits requiring lots of floor space? You will need a hard floor covering of some kind that can be cleaned easily, so perhaps steer clear of carpeted floors. Will you want mirrors to check your form when exercising? 

Most home gyms will need a selection of free weights and one or two pieces of cardio equipment. And don’t overlook bands and kettlebells. They are cheap, easy to store, and they can provide endless exercise benefits. You don’t need to buy hundreds of machines and cram them into your house. 

So, add a gym to your home, and you will have no problem catching a quick 30 minutes to workout around your regular daily schedule. 

If you have a gym in your home, we would love to hear about it!