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The quirky features in your home that will attract the perfect buyer: Tennis Courts

From family tennis tournaments in the summer to meeting your daily fitness goals, a tennis court is a great addition to any home, and it could maybe even secure you the perfect buyer when you come to sell.
The quirky features in your home that will attract the perfect buyer: Tennis Courts
We have come to expect a certain minimum standard in a home. At the very least, you would expect a kitchen, bathroom, a couple of bedrooms and some living space. Occasionally, a property comes to the market with something a little different. A special something that provides a different lifestyle to the occupants.

This difference, quirkiness, and individuality make this particular home stand out from the crowd. It encourages more viewings from potential buyers as this property has something extraordinary worth looking at. It will appeal to the exact right buyer for that home. And as a result, it could mean that the property value is higher because of these USPs.

In this article, we will look at tennis courts; adding a tennis court to your property can provide endless family fun as well as keeping you fit and healthy. How do you get a tennis court of your own? What is involved in the planning and building? How much money will it cost, and, perhaps more importantly, how much value can be added to your property?

Installing a tennis court in your garden may seem like an extravagance, taking up a large portion of land within your property, and is perhaps only something that you will consider if you or someone in your home is a very keen tennis player. But it could provide hours and hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. 

Imagine family garden parties or BBQs that end with knockout tournaments late into the evening or early morning games as the sun rises to keep yourself fighting fit. A tennis court is an excellent source of fun and could perhaps be multi-use if you have other sports that you play too. 

How do you build a tennis court?
Firstly, you need enough land to fit one, ideally, a nice flat area that measures approximately 37m x 19m, so your garden or grounds must be reasonably substantial. 

You will most likely need to obtain planning permission for the construction, too, so it would be a good idea to employ an architect to draw up the plans. There will need to be decisions around lighting - will you have the tennis court floodlit so you can play after dark? And you will also need to decide what covering you would like to have, grass or astroturf, concrete, asphalt or clay?

With specific coverings, fencing, lighting and planning permission to arrange, the overall installation costs can be relatively high, somewhere in the region of £50,000. But having a tennis court could be a great feature to highlight when selling your property.

Of course, installing a tennis court purely to sell your property doesn't make sense, but there is a fantastic opportunity, if you have one, to use it within the marketing when you sell. Perhaps your estate agents will have a quick game in their promotional videos to appeal to buyers?

At the very least, they will be able to showcase the tennis court to potential buyers in a way that highlights the fun times and happy memories that can be experienced by any family lucky enough to have a tennis court of their own. 

We'd love to know if your property has a tennis court. Who is the ultimate champion in your family?