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Why you should align your premium property with an estate agent of the same calibre

Choosing the estate agent to handle the sale of your home is a huge decision; read this article before you decide to make sure you don't make this mistake.
Why you should align your premium property with an estate agent of the same calibre
You wouldn't expect to buy a Lamborghini from a second-hand car dealership with only £5k cars on the forecourt. You wouldn't expect to buy a quality bottle of champagne from a corner shop. And you wouldn't expect to buy a premium new home from an estate agent that only deals with low-value properties.

When choosing an estate agent to market your home for sale, you need to make sure that you opt for a brand that matches the prestige of your property. Are you selling a premium home that would sit at the upper end of the property market? If so, you must ensure that your agent of choice is also at the upper end of the market and is used to handling properties like yours.

There are many reasons for this; they are experienced in dealing with properties of a higher calibre and will be proficient in discussing the various elements of a premium home that perhaps isn't something that a property lower down the price range would need to consider. Also, their 'little black book' of buyer contacts will be filled with the right kind of buyer for your property.

Think about it: if an estate agent only sells property under £250k, their database will be filled with buyers looking for properties less than £250k. When you launch your property to the market at a price that is significantly higher than that, your launch is going to be a damp squib. There will be no positive outcomes from the email match out to the database because no one on the database is looking for a property like yours.

Contrast that for a second with a property launching to the market with By Design, an estate agency brand that deals exclusively with premium properties and high-end clients. When the launch email goes out to the many buyers in our substantial database, the email is seen by home searchers looking specifically for a new home in the price bracket where your property sits. This means that the response to the initial launch marketing is much more successful and will no doubt result in a rush of viewing requests! I'm sure you would agree that this is a much better start than showing a premium property to a group of buyers who are not looking to spend that price.

The agents' brand must match your home. If your home is the most fabulous high-end home an agent has ever dealt with, they may not have the skills required to do it justice and achieve the property's true potential.

At By Design, we deal with the high end of the property market exclusively, and we do this by design. Our agents are experienced in this field, and the jewel in the crown is our connected database. All buyers within the network are shown all relevant properties that are listed, not just the ones that are geographically close to them. This means that the database is chock-full of premium property buyers looking for a whole assortment of properties in various locations so that your home is shown to the audience that it needs to achieve a quality sale.

A premium home needs a premium agent, and By Design is just that. If you would like to know more about how our exclusive database works or how we market properties in a way that maximises the sale price you will receive, contact our property experts today.