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Your unique home deserves unique marketing when you are trying to sell

Are you about to put your unique home on the market but have so far been unable to find an estate agent that can live up to your property? A unique home deserves unique marketing. This article explores how marketing a unique property differs from the norm and where you can find the marketing your property deserves.
Your unique home deserves unique marketing when you are trying to sell
When a new home comes to the market, the agent will generally prepare similar marketing materials for all properties. Of course, they aren't carbon copies because each property has different features that must be highlighted to entice potential buyers. Even so, the strategy is often formulaic. The prepared marketing materials will usually include a floorplan, images and written descriptions. As we are now in a world where video content is widely consumed, many agents will also harness this by creating a virtual tour or a video walkthrough of the property.

But this formulaic strategy won't cut it when you're selling a truly unique property, entirely unlike anything else. It won't do the property justice. It won't maximise the potential exposure or be seen by enough people. There will be no hype or buzz around the property coming to the market; hype that is justified because a unique property is just that, unique. And so it's essential to give the property the exposure and publicity it warrants. 

The typical, off-the-shelf marketing tactics will not cut it, so what do you need to ensure that your agent can do for you?

Marketing materials that wow: The presentation of your property will be second to none. You will no doubt have designed your interior and staged the furniture to highlight the best use of the property and the lifestyle that the property can offer a buyer. However, the agent must produce marketing materials that showcase your beautiful home. Gorgeous images with crisp, well-lit photography. Floor plans that accurately depict the layout of the property. And well-worded descriptions with a blend of factual information and poetic description to entice a viewer to come and visit the property in real life.

Exposure across the globe: Every property on the market is uploaded to online property portals and, most likely, social media platforms, too. But there is so much more to gaining exposure for a property than simply uploading it and then sitting back and waiting for the buyers to call. You need something with more impact. What about PR? A write-up about the history or unique story behind your property that gets picked up by mainstream media and managed to be seen by people who, up until reading about your property, might not have even considered moving house. You could access buyers you would have no hope of finding if you stuck to the traditional methods. Many international buyers choose to purchase property in the UK, so you need to ensure that buyers in other countries can easily access the listing for your property. By Design can list your home with websites and media outlets worldwide, including publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

Maximise the potential with Technology: Managing a database can be tricky, but managing a database within an estate agency can be almost impossible until By Design. We have exclusive access to revolutionary technology that allows optimised property searches for buyers. Pinpointing the exact requirements for each buyer individually means that the searches are far more accurate than simply filtering through price and number of bedrooms. From the seller's side, because our database has such detailed search criteria for our buyers, we can search through the database to find the perfect match for your property. And that's not all. By Design is the only network of agents that work together, connecting buyers and properties across each branch, meaning an agent in Lincolnshire may register a buyer who is ideally suited to a new property in Oxford. In a traditional estate agency, unless the buyer knew they might want to live in Oxford, they would have no hope of ever finding that property. This opens up the possibilities for buyers and sellers alike, resulting in more sales overall.

By Design is revolutionising the estate agency industry and helping hundreds of homeowners get the marketing and sale price that their premium and unique homes deserve.

Don't settle for second best; get in touch with By Design today to sell your home.