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Could changing agents be the key to selling your home before summer ends?

Do you have your property on the market at the moment? Are you frustrated at a lack of interest or experiencing a lull in activity and viewings? What can you do to get your home sold before the end of summer?
Could changing agents be the key to selling your home before summer ends?
When you initially marketed your home for sale, you probably thought it might take a month or two, but if you decided to move at the turn of the year, you could have been on the market now for months. There is every chance you had hoped to be sold by now and could be starting to get frustrated. 

There could still be a way to sell your home before the end of the summer, and then you should ideally be moving house before the end of the year. By switching agents, you could boost your property marketing and generate the viewings you need to get that all-important sale. 

So what is the best way to go about switching agents?

1 - Check your contract - you must check the contract before instructing a new agent to market your home. You may still be tied into a sole agency period or have a notice to give or a withdrawal fee to pay. If you go ahead and instruct a second agent without checking first, you could end up liable to pay two fees.
2 - Have a revaluation - based on the interest and efforts to date and any potential changes in the property market, an updated valuation to ensure that you relaunch your property with the best chance of getting a sale.
3 - Give your notice - It is likely that your current agent will expect you to give them notice before they cease marketing your property, so make sure that you do this, most likely in writing. 
4 - Analyse your marketing so far - Find out how many viewings or interested parties there are for your property and the feedback the agent has gathered from them. This will help you to form a new marketing strategy moving forward.
5 - Assess the marketing strategy - Discuss with your new agent a marketing strategy to get you sold with a fresh approach and new ideas.
6 - Get ready to relaunch - a fresh pair of eyes to objectively look over the property and the visual presentation of the marketing could be exactly what you need for a refresh and revamp of the marketing materials. Try to stage some of the rooms, and be sure to highlight some of the best features.

A change of agents could be just the ticket to finally getting your home sold. A fresh approach and renewed enthusiasm will ensure a boost of interest, and you will be agreeing to a sale before the summer's end.

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