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Could this be the answer if your property sale has slowed down?

If you've had your house on the market for a few months now, you might feel disenfranchised with the whole selling idea and might even wonder if you'd be better off staying put. But don't lose faith. Read this article to find out how you can mix things up and finally get your home sold.
Could this be the answer if your property sale has slowed down?
You likely took a year, or maybe more, to decide to move, making do with the reasons that it no longer worked for you and your family and finding a workaround or additional storage here and there. Eventually, the time is right, and you're ready to sell up.

Filled with excitement, you watch as the photographs of your home go online, the for sale board is put up outside, and then you wait patiently for your estate agent to call to make appointments for viewings. With each viewer, you cross your fingers, hoping this one would be THE one. They really seemed to like it, and you felt sure they'd make an offer. But a week passes, and nothing. No worries, you wait until the next one, and the cycle begins again.

You let the first few months go by, but soon, you've completely lost enthusiasm for the whole situation. You're not excited about a move anymore; you're sick of having to deep clean and stage the property for each viewing, only to get little to no feedback. And you haven't had any offers at all. Your agent is running out of options and has started to tentatively mention the dread 'R' word - reduction.

Sadly, this is a common story with homeowners. The initial 4-6 weeks of any property marketing is the most active when the launch happens, and the websites can push your property as a brand new listing to the market. But, soon, your property is not 'new' anymore, and other new instructions have taken your place. It can feel as if your property is shoved aside to make way for the shiny new ones, and you are left on the shelf, gathering dust, hopeful that at least one buyer will take a look and like what they see.

So what can you do? Sure, you can reduce the price; this will move your property into a new price bracket, meaning it will be broadcast to a new audience of buyers who perhaps haven't seen your property before. But this will cost you considerably, and there is no guarantee it will work.

Or, you could try a different approach.

Lots of properties find selling success with a second agent. Why? Because you've already got feedback, you've had a go at selling at this price, and you know what the reaction from viewers was like. You've tried out the market at the price and given it a go.

But, this time, you're not looking at the sale of your property through rose-tinted glasses; you have your eyes wide open. You're ready to tackle the sale of your property like a business transaction, to get serious about how the property looks to a potential buyer, whether the images are showing your property in its best light and whether your pricing strategy is best placed to achieve a sale.
This additional knowledge allows you and a new estate agent to build a strategy that will ultimately give you success.

Sometimes, a change is as good as a rest, and you might find that the process is completely different this time. This is not to dismiss your current estate agent and any of the work that they've done. They will have tried everything possible, working hard to sell your home. But, after a few months on the market, they will have exhausted their options with their database and marketing methods and will be left with nowhere else to turn except a price reduction.

However, it is possible to access a new audience of buyers through a new agent without necessarily dropping the price.

If you are interested in discussing moving your property market to a new agent, get in touch with our team of experts today.