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Creating a premium marketing strategy for your home sellers, are you getting it right? - Edition 4

A good marketing strategy is something that should not be overlooked when selling a house. Essentially, getting the marketing right is what will attract buyers and give them the confidence to proceed with an offer. Marketing is about understanding customers in order to develop products and services that meet needs.
Creating a premium marketing strategy for your home sellers, are you getting it right? - Edition 4
When we think about this in property selling terms, we need to think how buyers behave, what are they looking for? What are their expectations? 

There are three main elements to marketing a house – Price, Presentation and Promotion. A premium agent will be working hard to do all of these well to achieve the best sale for their client. 

Your seller may have already seen multiple agents before you and their valuations may vary a lot. Naturally, sellers jump quickly to the highest valuation and the lowest fee. They feel that they want to get a good deal. Many sellers view an estate agency services as all the same and agents don’t always explain clearly any points of difference.

As a premium agent you will need to help sellers to recognise the difference in opting for a higher fee and why your valuation may not be the highest. Explaining pricing models, the plan B and how you will allocate time to finding the best buyer is important.

Presentation is a distinguishing factor in a pitch. Unbelievably, not all agents are using this tool in their toolkit, making it a USP. Think about all the factors involved in creating a premium listing for your client. Include the personalised property description, the EPCs and floorplans and the professional photographs.

It takes a lot of time and money to curate the details but if the presentation of the property is ignored, then the property is not going to market ready to attract a range of buyers. Home sellers are becoming more and more clued up on selling property and what tools are available to them. If you are not offering them professional help with their presentation, it’s only a matter of time before they hear about a staging firm from a friend who has sold successfully and wonder why they haven’t been offered the service.

Firstly, an agent who isn’t promoting their listings across social media channels must have a really good reason for not doing so. This free tool combined with a bit of enthusiasm can be massively impactful for property sales. As more agents move into this space, establishing credibility by getting the look right with a consistent brand message and regular posting is something that helps one agent to stand out from another. The promotion of a property is where a premium agent can demonstrate their skills through their marketing strategy rather than just listing on the portals and keeping their fingers crossed.

Getting the price, the presentation and the promotion of a home right is key to attracting the target buyer. Neglecting just one of these may well mean a home stays on the market much longer than a similar home that gets all three right from the start.

By integrating these premium marketing strategies, an estate agent can create a distinctive brand and attract high-value clients looking for a sophisticated and personalised approach to selling their luxury property.
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