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Discover the popular features that will attract affluent buyers when marketing your luxury home

What is involved in marketing your home for sale? Do you simply take some photographs and post them online, hoping that a buyer finds your property? Or, is it possible to hack the marketing process to ensure interest from buyers? Read on to find out.
Discover the popular features that will attract affluent buyers when marketing your luxury home
A buyer will have certain expectations when searching for a new dream home, particularly when they are searching in the premium property market. Buyers are looking for something extra when paying high prices, but what do they actually want from a property? How can you make sure that your premium home appeals to buyers?

First, we need to think about what makes a home premium. Is it just about size, scale, and location? Does it need under-floor heating and a marble-topped kitchen island? Or is there more to luxury than that? What do you expect from a property when you think of luxury?

Buyers of premium properties are looking for a dream home experience. Perhaps prompted by stays in some of the world's best, most exclusive hotels, a buyer at the higher end of the property market will want to recreate those luxurious hotel stays as much as possible. We are talking about expertly designed interiors and high-end finishes. However, there is still more to what a premium property buyer looks for in a new home.

Security: This stands to reason that someone with a high net worth will have valuable items, such as cars, artwork, or jewellery. Security is a crucial element when searching for a new home. According to The Guardian, super-rich property hunters and purchasers increasingly choose luxurious apartments with private security. It is becoming increasingly common for luxury apartment blocks to have a 24-7 concierge service.

Convenience: Life is busy for everyone, there is no doubt about that. We live in a constant whirlwind of work and family commitments, and we all seem to have a never-ending to-do list. This is not reduced when you reach higher income levels; if anything, your time becomes even more precious. So convenience is a critical factor for many buyers. Of course, any property on the market will be limited by the location when it comes to commuting and amenities, but what if you could offer convenience in other ways? You may have technology in your home that can give you back hours of your time. Or you could have facilities at home so you don't have to travel.

Privacy: Privacy is important to us all, but it makes sense when you have the money to buy a property that offers higher levels of privacy. Utilising public services such as a gym, a swimming pool, or a cinema is fine. Still, having these options for you and your family and friends is so much nicer, leading us on to …

Entertainment: Entertainment is essential to buyers of premium properties, whether they plan to host dinner parties, garden parties, or parties of all types. A cinema at home is perfect. You control the environment and the movie's start time - something that you can not do at a commercial cinema. Eat and drink what you like, wear whatever comfies you want. Turn the heating up or down as you wish and cosy into the comfiest cinema chairs you can find, all without listening to other viewers unwrapping their snacks or slurping on their drinks. Or a games room - enjoy games with your guests when entertaining - poker tables, pool, arcade games - all adding an element of fun and enjoyment to your dinner parties, ensuring that your home will be the main port of call for hosting any party.

Health and wellness: If we are being honest, no one likes training in a gym full of other humans, heavy breathing and sweating. So, a home gym is a must. Perhaps cardio and weights are not your thing. Health and wellness are important to us all and can come in many forms. Having the option to provide a meditation room or a yoga studio as well as a traditional gym would appeal to many buyers.

Technology: Smart tech is not only interesting to tech fans but also convenient for technophobes when used in the home. Home automation is great and can include remote-controlled heating and ovens so that you do not have to come home to a cold house or wait hours for the oven to heat up before you can cook dinner. You could install a dry cleaning machine, allowing you to hang wet shirts straight from the wash, and they come out dry and pressed, ready for work. Or a fingerprint recognition door lock so there is no more worrying about lost keys or trying to juggle your laptop bag or shopping whilst you unlock the door. Technology makes our lives easier and more convenient and, as a result, can actually save us time - something in short supply in all of our lives.

Sustainable living / eco-friendly: Sustainability is still a hot topic, and buyers are making moves towards a more conscious, eco-friendly way of life, including making choices when it comes to a new home. Blend eco-friendly solutions with luxury to appeal to many new buyers. Features like energy efficiency, sustainable materials and low carbon footprints are key in premium properties.

A premium property buyer will have a commitment to sustainable living and cutting-edge technology, as well as an appreciation for health and wellness and limited available time. You don't need to address every feature in this article before you try to sell your home, but if you have a particularly private garden or some key piece of tech that saves you time, make sure that your agent highlights it in the brochures to appeal to the modern, high-net-worth buyer looking for a premium new home.

For guidance on what key features of your home a buyer might be particularly interested in, speak to our team of property professionals with a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of selling premium properties.