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Discover your dream home through the By Design approach.

Are you considering selling your home and downsizing? Don't worry about finding your next home. By Design has revolutionised the property searching process - read this article to learn more...
Discover your dream home through the By Design approach.
The age-old concern for homeowners thinking about selling is, should they find a buyer before searching for their new home, or should they find the house of their dreams before marketing their home? It is a classic case of 'Chicken and egg', and there isn't really a right or wrong answer. 

But this question becomes even more complicated when you are thinking about downsizing. You are only looking to sell your house because it's too big, which means every new property you look at will naturally be smaller. There will be compromises with this reduction in size and space, so the search for the perfect property is a little more tricky when you are downsizing. 

Following the tips from previous blog articles, you must carefully consider what exactly you NEED from your new property and what you don't need. Are you looking for less garden or outside space to maintain, or do you simply need fewer bedrooms? 

Make a list of what you want and what you need, and perhaps more importantly, what you want to avoid in your next home, and this will help you to make those compromises confidently without feeling that you are depriving yourself of certain things. Otherwise, you may find yourself comparing every property to the one you currently live in and deciding not to sell or ending up with a similar property to your current home, which defeats the objective of downsizing altogether.

Searching for a new home can be time-consuming, particularly in a buoyant market where you must act quickly. You spend all day online scrolling through property listings, emailing the agents for further information, and travelling around to view properties. You only buy one property, so you constantly compare to decide which one is right for you. There is so much wasted time and energy before you find the one.

But, at By Design, we do things a little differently. You no longer need to waste time scrolling through pages and pages of property listings online to determine if the property is right for you based on a floor plan and a few photographs. 

Now, you simply complete a Heads Up alert detailing precisely what you are looking for, and we will do the rest. Sit back and relax as we use data points and artificial intelligence to locate the best property for you, and then we will send it over to you for review. These could be properties that are live on the market. Still, they could also be properties from potential sellers that want to test the water and see if there are any potential buyers for their property before launching. Or it could be a seller that has opted for a discreet marketing process meaning that you won't find them on the property websites. 

By Design use exclusive technology, artificial intelligence and a connected database across our partner agents from across the country to find the best buyers for the best properties. 

To find out more about the By Design difference, turning property searching on its head to give you a better result and a much more pleasant property searching experience, contact one of our property experts today.