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Does your agent really understand social media?

Does your agent really understand social media, or are they just posting a weblink to your property? You need an agent that understands to effectively market your property.
Does your agent really understand social media?
Does your agent have a social media strategy? A solid presence online? Fantastic exposure for your property to the market? Or have they asked the office junior to post the Rightmove link for your property on Facebook? Read this article to find out what you SHOULD be doing with your social media marketing to get the exposure that your property deserves.

You must understand your chosen agent's marketing plan and strategy when planning a house move. It is very likely, in this modern age, that they will do social media. But are they really doing social media? Do they harness the power that social media can offer, or will they simply hand it to the junior member of the team to post the link for your property on Rightmove?

It's a fact that social media is an integral part of modern life. In fact, many of us will search for a company's Facebook profile before visiting their own website. So we have come to expect that businesses in all industries have a presence on social media across multiple platforms. It is undoubtedly the most convenient way to access the attention of many people, and it is cost-effective too, hence why it has become such an essential element to any business. 

But, many companies are owned and run by those of us that have not grown up with social media and the internet and are perhaps not as comfortable dealing with social posts and maybe haven't taken the time to understand advertising and algorithms. And so, many companies will pass on social media management to a junior team member. 

This is a prevalent scenario in estate agencies. The junior negotiator or apprentice is asked to post each property on the company's social media pages, often simply sharing the link from Rightmove to the page. And this, sadly, is often the full extent of estate agencies doing social media. It's such a shame for those homeowners trying to sell their homes, and it really lets them down. It is ineffective, and frankly, they might as well not have bothered.

If they understood the systems, they would know that social media platforms prefer native posting, where a post is created within the platform and not a link that redirects the audience away from the platform. Because of this, the platform will actually suppress those posts, and fewer of the agency's followers will see them. 

The platforms also prefer video formats because studies show the audience will watch a video before reading a post. It keeps the viewer engaged with the platform, so the agents should utilise video footage in their social media marketing strategy.

Simply adding a few images and a link to the website is not good enough. Where are the social assets? The reels, the TikToks, the videos? Your property marketing deserves better coverage and exposure, which will ultimately get you a better result in your sale. 

So what should you expect?

Native posts:

Don't just add links; create posts that are attention-grabbing and interesting. Don't blanket all platforms simultaneously with the same post, as the algorithm will not promote it as much.

Video formats: 

There are many ways to incorporate videos into the marketing. Some agents do a walk-through, and some opt for a highly produced presented video. Either way, the video footage will catch the eye of the buyers whilst they scroll.

Schedule times: 

The agent can post at the peak time for activity on their pages to ensure that the maximum number of people see the post. 

At By Design, we have a dedicated team of social media professionals to assist in marketing properties across the network. With high engagement and a substantial audience, social media promotion is critical to marketing within By Design. 

Get in touch today to learn more about how By Design have their finger on the pulse of up-to-the-minute social marketing and innovative technology.