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How do we value your unique property for sale?

At By Design, we handle only the very best homes, which often means there are no other properties quite like the ones we sell. This article will explain how we approach valuations for unique properties to ensure you get the best price quickly.
How do we value your unique property for sale?
Do you live in a unique property? Whether a period home from years gone by or a one-off new build with a high spec, a unique home poses some issues when establishing a value. You may have already experienced this if you've had your property valued in the past, and there can often be a considerable variation between the figures that you are quoted from different agents.

Valuing a property for sale is an art form. There is no precise way to value a property and no science behind the process. The key is for the agent to estimate the highest possible amount of money that they might be able to attract a buyer at so that you get your property sold and don't leave money on the table. It's a balancing act, and there are many different elements involved in coming to the final pricing strategy.

The following points explain a little about how we value a unique, high-end property so that you know you're getting the very best guidance when you decide to move.

Take time: Working in the prime property section of the real estate industry means that we deal with a lower number of clients and fewer properties overall. We do not stack them high and sell them cheaply and quickly. A premium service takes time, and at By Design, we dedicate more hours and more attention to each individual client and their unique homes. With this in mind, we have the freedom to take as much time as is needed to understand you, your property, and your needs when you are selling to ensure that you have the best home-moving experience possible.

Research: Unique properties are tricky to value for the very fact that they are unique. The potential value would be clearly evident if you were selling a terraced house on a street of other identical terraced houses. That is not the case for a unique property, so much more research must be carried out to ensure that the pricing strategy is right.

Comparisons: Whilst a unique property is unlikely to have properties that directly compare, there will be some similarities in other properties that have been on the market and sold recently. As the market changes constantly and prices fluctuate, it is essential to consider these changes. For more frequently sold property types, the advice is only to use comparable evidence from the last three months to ensure that it is accurate and valid to the property that you're selling. But for a unique home, you may have to go back in time a little as there will not be as many sales that compare.

Adjustments made for differences: Once research has been gathered and analysed, the art form comes in understanding the differences between your unique property and the other properties being used in comparison and making adjustments accordingly. The aim is to attract a buyer for your home at the highest possible price so that you walk away with more money in your pocket. So, you know there will be a price at which you can guarantee a sale. If you make your house cheap enough, there will be a queue of willing buyers, so how far can that price be pushed before you have only a handful of willing buyers? And then, what is the ceiling price where no buyers are interested? These adjustments must be made to ensure that you sell your home within your anticipated timescale at the highest price possible.

Setting you up for success: At By Design, we set you up for success in your move with revolutionary technology (exclusive to By Design agents), robust marketing strategies and a country-wide network of top-performing agents working together to sell your home. Get all the personal touch and comfort of an independent estate agent with the backing of a large corporate operation. The best of both worlds.

If you are thinking about moving house soon, the first step is to have your property valued so that you can make a plan from there. Get in touch with our team of experts today to get the ball rolling.