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How to make your dinner party guests green with envy and increase the value of your home quickly.

Wine cellars as if you are in an Italian vineyard or the wine cellar of an old French Chateau, but in your own home!
How to make your dinner party guests green with envy and increase the value of your home quickly.
Imagine the scenario; You are at a dinner party with friends, and their home is stunning. 

Beautiful interior design, fabulous furniture. Every inch has been carefully curated, resulting in serious wow factor. And whilst you love your friends, you cannot help but feel a bit envious. You wouldn't dare invite these friends to yours for dinner after seeing how lovely their house is! Perhaps you even think that it might be time to re-vamp your house.

And then, as the party progresses, the wine has run out, so your friend says she'll just go to the cellar and fetch some more! 

You go with her to see what she means by the cellar. You are stunned by the sight that you see. Racks adorn the walls, filled with bottle after bottle of wine and champagne. It feels magical, as if you are in some Italian vineyard or the wine cellar of an old French Chateau.

But having a wine cellar isn't as unattainable as you might think. And really, if you have any kind of wine collection, whether as an investment or an avid enjoyer of wine, without a wine cellar, it's impossible to ensure the wine is being kept in good condition. It could be ruined, and if it is an investment collection, it's therefore worthless. 

So you may say that a wine cellar is actually essential!

But how do you go about having one installed? And what are the key things to consider with your wine cellar? 

Firstly, we are not talking about a wine chiller here. This is not a small wine fridge in your kitchen that keeps the prosecco cold. This is a cellar. Ambient temperature to ensure that the wine and cork are protected for red, white and rose wine, sparkling and champagne. Next, you need to keep the humidity in the cellar constant; otherwise, you risk undermining the cork, and the wine will go off. Finally, all wine must be kept from direct light - this is why they are often underground, in a basement.

Don't worry if you don't have a basement; you can still have a cellar for your wine.

There are several companies here in the UK that can provide wine cellars as entire units. They can be mounted within a wall, added to your existing basement, or perhaps in a spare room.

There are even options to create a spiral wine cellar that goes down into the ground, and as you walk around a spiral staircase, the walls are filled with wine bottles. Lift the trap door and walk down the stairs until you reach the bottle you were looking for - a real showpiece for when you have guests. 

Always ensure that you have the perfect wine for every occasion. Whether you opt for a ready-made off-the-shelf option or you have a bespoke wine cellar made for you and your home, if you drink or collect wine, it really is a must. 

Also, as a showpiece, a wine cellar could increase the desirability of your home and perhaps even increase its value. 

A wine cellar is a status symbol. You know about wine, and you have bottles that are valuable and collectable enough to need to care for and store correctly. 

Some bottles of wine are worth thousands of pounds, so you want to ensure that they are correctly stored. Otherwise, your wine will be worthless and taste rubbish.