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How to prepare your home for a stress-free sale

If you have decided to put your home on the market, there are a number of things you can do to make sure it is looking its best and you are fully prepared. Read on for our top tips.
How to prepare your home for a stress-free sale
Deciding to sell your home can be a big decision and can come with added stresses. There are a number of things you can do ahead of putting your property on the market to ensure things go smoothly. In this article, we offer our top tips on how to be proactive in your approach to selling. 

Declutter and depersonalise - use this as the perfect opportunity to have that long needed clear out. Donate, gift or throw away any unwanted or unused items. Excessive clutter, personal items or bulky furniture can make your home feel smaller and detract from its true beauty. 

Make repairs and upgrades - it is time to tackle those odd jobs you have been putting off for months (or years!). You want your home looking its best for viewings, so touch up paint, fix broken taps and mend the fence. Let your home shine! 

Style your home - make sure each room is looking its best to allow viewers to see it in its best light. Adding soft furnishings, cushions and fresh flowers can make it feel more like home. If you are using your spare room as a junk room, you may want to consider putting the bed back in there to show what the space can be used for. 

Get your paperwork in order - start pulling together all of the relevant documents, certificates and warranties that are relevant to your home. From building consent, electrician certificates, and white goods warranties - it is all useful in the process of selling your home. By getting this all together now, you will save time once you have found a buyer and can make for a smoother sale process 

Contact your estate agent - it is time to launch your property to the market so get in contact with your chosen agent to get a valuation done. They can then get the ball rolling with arranging photos and floorplans, online advertising and booking in viewings! 

By being proactive ahead of putting your property on the market to sell, you are not only able to showcase your home in its best possible light, but you will avoid delays further down the line by being organised with your paperwork.

If you are thinking of selling your home, why not get in contact with By Design today for expert advice.