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Interior design trends that are predicted for 2023

Bright colours, sociable seating and marble furniture - the interior design trends that are predicted for 2023
Interior design trends that are predicted for 2023
As we enter a new year and approach a new season, there are countless articles about the 'new' things coming in 2023, including the latest interior design trends.

So how will we all be decorating and styling our homes this year? What are the hottest new trends?


Warm sunny colours are going to be seen more in 2023. Lovely cosy oranges and nice pink and red flashes will give our interiors a sense of joy. 

Sophisticated but relaxed

Luxurious rooms for entertaining guests with opulent decor but with a homely twist. Yes, we will still see Great Gatsby-esque home bars with jewel-toned soft furnishings and gold metallics, but with a nod towards comfort and cosiness. Imagine a lounge bar inviting enough to kick off your heels and curl up on the sofa with your cocktail. We will see glass cocktail cabinets and furniture geared towards sitting together and chatting, large curved sofas, for example, rather than individual chairs. 

Cocooning furniture 

Amping up those cosy vibes before the UK weather starts to warm up in the spring. Furniture in 2023 will be perfect for cocooning up, getting comfy and restoring yourself before heading back out into the world. See large squishy armchairs with deep cushions to curl up into. 


There appears to be a lot of marble furniture and even marble prints in wallpapers and soft furnishings. But not just your usual grey and white marble. Lots of coloured marble, particularly in deep blue and green tones. 

If you plan to redesign your home this year, keep these things in mind to ensure that you are at the top of the trend!