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Learn how By Design can transform your property dreams into reality with its magical touch.

Are you thinking about selling your home and moving into somewhere new? Are you looking for a fresh start, a new horizon? Perhaps you've found the love of your life and want to find a home you can share with, like our fabulous client, Tim? Read more to hear Tim's story about how By Design was his only choice when selling his property.
Learn how By Design can transform your property dreams into reality with its magical touch.
A few months ago, Tim started looking for a new property. He decided that it was time for a change, sparked by a new relationship, so he viewed a property in Cambridgeshire, close to where his new partner lived. 

On this venture, he fell head over heels for a particular property and realised it was for him. Marketed with By Design, Tim was wowed and so impressed by the agent that he wanted them to sell his property for him. But there was a catch; his property is in Farnham, too far for the agent to handle the sale. But no trouble for By Design. Simply referred to the agent covering this area, Tim can now have the world-class service he experienced in Cambridgeshire but in Farnham.

We asked Tim to tell us all about his reasons for moving and how By Design was the only option for his move. 

Why have you decided to sell your home, and what are you looking for in a new property?

It's been a really happy family home, and we have lived here for many years, but the time has come for me to move on. I am moving to Cambridge for the best reason in the world; for love. 

Why did you choose By Design to market your property?

By Design is marketing the property that we're buying. They have a very modern, different feel to the way they do estate agency, a million miles away from the traditional estate agent, and to top it off, the people involved are lovely to work with.

Have you enjoyed your experience with By Design so far?

Very much so. Dylan and the team took a huge interest in what was unique and different about the character of the property and the many stories you accumulate over the years of living somewhere. And also communication - they've been fantastic at communication. Within a few minutes of the viewings, they are on the phone telling you how it went, what went well, what the viewers liked about it, and what could have gone differently. Other estate agents will be back to you in a couple of days. It's been so brilliant that they are hands-on and interested in me and the house.

Would you recommend By Design?

Absolutely! It's modern estate agency at its best, and I would recommend them without any hesitation or doubts whatsoever.

When Tim found the house of his dreams in Cambridgeshire through By Design, he knew there was only one choice when it came to the agent that he wanted to sell his property for him in Farnham. 

The By Design network works together to sell high-value homes nationwide, using the connected database, revolutionary technology and artificial intelligence to match buyers with wonderful properties.

If you are searching for the home of your dreams or looking to sell your current property, get in touch to learn how By Design is selling premium properties in a new way.