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Our guide to: Moving with children

Moving to a new house can be a thrilling adventure for adults, but for children, it can often be a daunting experience. Here, we offer our top tips for making your house move with children go as smooth as possible.
Our guide to: Moving with children
Having found the perfect family home, with room for all of the toys, close to your school of choice and with room to grow, it is now time to plan the move! With one or more children in tow, this can add an extra layer of stress to what can already be a stressful time. Read on for our top tips on making moving day go as smoothly as possible. 

Involve them from the start
From the moment you decide to move, involve your children in the process. Discuss the move openly, answering any questions and addressing any concerns they may have. Take them along to any viewings and encourage them to share their opinions. By involving them in the decision-making, you can help ease any anxieties they may have about the move. 

Create a sense of excitement
Turn the moving process into an exciting adventure. Talk about the great new parks, bigger garden and other positive amenities that they can look forward to enjoying. If you are moving to a new area altogether, consider making some special trips so they can build some familiarity with the area. 

Maintain routine and stability
Amidst the chaos of packing and moving, try to maintain a sense of routine and stability for your children. Stick to regular meal times and bedtime routines. You may wish to time the move to coincide with school holidays to allow time to settle into the new home and location before school starts again. 

Get them involved with packing
Allow your children to pack some of their favourite toys or books to give them a sense of control and ownership over the move. They can then take joy in deciding where their favourite teddy will go in their new bedroom. 

Prioritise them
Upon arriving at the new house, prioritise setting up their bedrooms first to create a familiar and comforting space for them. This will help it feel like home. Pack an overnight bag for each family member with all of the things they need on the first night - you don’t want to be routing through boxes looking for pyjamas and toothbrushes after a busy moving day! 

Keep communication open
Throughout the moving process encourage them to express their feelings about the move. Reassure them that it is normal to feel a mix of emotions when adjusting to a new home and offer your support. 

Moving day can be stressful, particularly when you also have children to consider. But, planning in advance and preparing your children for what will happen can help the day run smoother. At By Design, we understand the unique needs of families in moving to a new home and we can offer friendly and personalised support throughout the process.

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