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Planning a move? Discover the secrets of By Design and why you should choose us to sell your home

You may be planning to sell your home and move in 2024, but which estate agent should you instruct to help you? In this article, discover why By Design differs from the traditional estate agent and why you should sell your home with us.
Planning a move? Discover the secrets of By Design and why you should choose us to sell your home
There is much to consider when you decide to sell your home, and one of the first things you need to decide is which estate agent you will instruct to market your property.

Perhaps you have viewed some properties or registered your details on mailing lists, so you've come into contact with a few agents. Maybe you have seen lots of for-sale boards for a particular agent and think they must be good because they seem to have a lot of boards. Or, as most of us do, you might have asked your friends and family for recommendations.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and getting this first decision right can be more important than you might initially think. If you market your property with the wrong agent, you could end up tied into a contract agreement, and things may not go as you had hoped - there is nothing you can do about this but wait for the contract to expire. And whilst you are waiting, the marketing and promotion of your property, and subsequently, the sale of your property, is being harmed.

So, getting your property launched to the market with the right agent from the outset is a priority.

By Design is the fastest-growing estate agency network dealing exclusively with premium, high-end properties. We offer homeowners of high-value homes a new option to ensure that they get the very best service and sale of their property. Here's how:

A Different Approach
Sellers deserve a strategy for success built on results, not chopping down trees to publish literature no one reads. By Design delivers a sophisticated, driven, and connected approach to digital property marketing - using our technology to actively target buyers nationwide. A more intelligent, cutting-edge, and greener approach - delivering results By Design.

National Network
Being part of a network is one thing, but actually being connected - working together to engage with as many purchasers as possible - is another. This is especially important in premium markets, where the geographical mobility and search criteria of purchases are much wider!

Independence & Experience
You deserve the care of independent businesses, delivering a personal, dedicated and deeply invested relationship. Supercharging this with a nationally connected network and national marketing delivers a combination which is truly the best of all worlds.

By Design Homes
What is a By Design Home? By Design is a strategy for homes benefitting from national exposure and connectivity; their audience of buyers being more exclusive means a requirement for a widespread approach to marketing to achieve the best price. Property price is not the definition of By Design; it is much more personal!

PR & Press Coverage
We pride ourselves on our relationships with national and major regional journalists - we tirelessly 'pitch' properties to major publications so we can put your home on stage in front of as many potential purchasers as possible.

Single Point of Contact
Having your By Design agent as a single point of contact gives you their expertise and personal attention throughout your move. It means a deeper understanding and faster communication than various team members.

If you are considering putting your home on the market for sale, get in touch with your local By Design agent to discover how we can help you.