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Should you be concerned about an estate agent's office location?

Should you be concerned about an estate agent's office location - do they need to be on the high street in order to sell properties effectively?
Should you be concerned about an estate agent's office location?
Modern life is busy, and as we live in a digital age, we have become used to technology that can save us time. 

In years gone by, deciding to move house would involve days spent visiting the offices of estate agents, discussing your needs with each one individually, and taking away with you a stack of printed brochures for properties that may, or indeed may not, suit you. It all sounds so dated and analogue, doesn't it? 

We download movies and TV on demand, book holidays using our phones, and can have food delivered from almost anywhere at any time of the day or night. Technology has given us convenience in nearly every manner of modern life, and estate agency is no different. 

We don't have the time to go around estate agents' offices to see what properties are available for sale when we decide to move house. Why would you when everything is available, and considerably more convenient, online? 

Traditionally, estate agents had offices in prominent locations on high streets so that clients could call in for meetings and customers could come in to browse the available properties. 

But does this really matter anymore? When choosing an estate agent to sell your property for you, is it essential to know that they have a prominent, high street office? No, not really.

Speaking to estate agents individually would take you forever, and you would not see the property market as a whole. It also limits the locations that you can look to buy in. Unless you take a trip and cram in as many viewings as possible into a long weekend, you can not really keep a close eye on the property market in a town unless you are there. This makes searching in multiple locations almost impossible. 

But, with the 'new' way of using technology, it is possible to search for a property anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. With email alerts and text messaging that can be sent by the agents directly to you when they list a new property, you can wait for them to inform you rather than you going to the agents for updates. 

Perhaps the physical brick-and-mortar office is no longer a priority for an estate agent? Maybe, when choosing an agent, it's more important to consider the technology they use rather than where their office is located?

How will a buyer be found if the buyers don't need to come into the physical office to search for a property? How will the agent pinpoint the perfect buyer for your property? 

At By Design, we are the only agents using a powerful combination of innovative technology, AI and a fully connected database across our branches to pinpoint the perfect buyer for every property. 

This is a powerful system because that buyer might not necessarily be looking to buy a property in your location. Still, they may be looking for precisely what your property offers. Had our system not been used, they would likely have never found your property in the first place, and you might not have sold.

Get in touch to learn more about how By Design harnesses world-class technology to sell unique homes, with or without a high-street office presence.