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Starting your search - find your perfect property the By Design way

If you're beginning to search for a new property to call home, you need to read this article before you end up on a million different mailing lists and are inundated with emails.
Starting your search - find your perfect property the By Design way
Most house moves begin with a general online search for properties and a browse to see what is on the market. What can your budget buy you? Perhaps you are even considering how much your home might be worth when you sell it.

As you scroll through the property portal websites, idly looking at the kinds of available properties, you might be thinking about the things you need from your next home. Maybe you even use the filter options to narrow your search, selecting a specific area, price range or number of bedrooms.

But, as with social media scrolling, it eventually begins to feel like a waste of time and life beckons with your never-ending to-do list that needs attention. So, you close the website and vow to return to the search again later.

Perhaps a few days later, curiosity gets the better of you, and you return to scroll through the properties some more. Maybe something catches your eye, and you contact the selling agent for more information. You might have even saved the properties that you like the look of into a wishlist so that you can compare them later and find them easily.

This scenario is the norm for most of us, but it is time-consuming, inefficient and labour-intensive - not ideal for a busy property searcher. Not to mention the limitations involved in the search filters. But, in an attempt to save ourselves some time, we register our information with each estate agent individually, resulting in our inboxes filling up with updates and properties that may or may not be what you are looking for.

There is a better way. A way that involves only one registration and only relevant emails that are of interest to you.

The magic is in the network. Register only once, and pinpoint the exact property that you are looking for in detail. Then, sit back and wait for the perfect property to come to you with properties from all By Design agents nationwide. You might be wondering, 'How is this any different from registering myself?'

And the filtering options - tell us exactly what you are looking for and receive only the properties that genuinely match that criteria. Buyers do not decide on a property to call their next home purely based on the number of bedrooms. The options and requirements of a property are endless, and each buyer's needs are unique.

No more hours wasted scrolling through pages of properties, trying to narrow down a search, trying to imagine your family living in each of the properties you see. No more emails clogging up your inbox with properties that are in no way what you are looking for.

So, contact By Design to register your information and find your dream home today.