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The Christmas magic of the luxury property market - Edition 4

Since the inception of land registry price paid data in January 1995, a total of 294 different properties, each bearing the name “Christmas” have changed hands an impressive 503 times.
The Christmas magic of the luxury property market - Edition 4
The total value of these transactions is a remarkable £170,871,121.

Among these, 13 properties transacted at prices of £1,000,000 or more, with the highest price paid being for Christmas Place in Edenbridge, Kent.

The 6,000 square foot Edwardian house dates back to 1907, comes with grounds of 22 acres and was sold in June 2019 for £2,750,000 after 32 years under the same ownership. 

Notably, the most recent high-value transaction with the word Christmas in its name occurred in April of this year when Christmas House in Lymm, Warrington, sold for £2,700,000 for the first time in over a quarter of a century as well.

The Georgian property pictured below spans just under 5,700 square feet with a 1-acre plot. 

You may be wondering how these insights can enhance your success in securing luxury property listings.

Consider this, a significant portion of luxury homeowners, approximately one in three, has resided in their homes for over two decades.

This ageing demographic presents a lucrative market, with many seeking to downsize and capitalise on their property assets.

To tap into this market, my client, who started their business several months ago devised a brilliant strategy.

They recently sent personalised anniversary and Christmas cards, incorporating a QR code linked to an instant valuation tool.

This thoughtful approach has already yielded seven promising leads, underscoring the potential of connecting with this demographic.

For those eager to replicate these results, my advice is to explore the land registry for properties in higher council tax bands and targeting the homeowners who have owned their properties for many years.

Create a personalised message acknowledging their home’s anniversary and offer a complimentary home value report to pique their interest.

Should you wish to explore this strategy further and achieve similar success, feel free to reach out.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading.

Simon Gates