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The only way to find an exclusive global buyer for your home!

Have you ever wondered how property investors find property in the UK to invest in? Wonder no more, By Design has access to over 261 million house-hunters across the globe! Read on to find out more...
The only way to find an exclusive global buyer for your home!
When selling a property, one of the critical elements of marketing is exposure. Exposure to the market ensures that your property gets the attention of a buyer that is a) looking to buy a property, b) looking to buy a property like yours, and c) has the means to buy your property. But how can you get your home in front of these buyers? Read on to find out…

The UK property market is at the forefront of most daily news outlets. It's a constant source of content for the media to report prices going up, down, or even staying static. Doom and gloom reports, updates about mortgage lenders, interest rates, legislation changes, and stamp duty thresholds are a sure way to get good viewership on your story. And so it seems to be discussed in the headlines daily, whether there is an update or simply a prediction of what might happen in the market. 

What about buyers outside of the UK?

But what about the property market in other countries? How do other nations behave in their property markets? Are properties much more expensive, or perhaps very, very cheap? Whatever the case, the UK's property market seems to be consistently very desirable for foreign purchasers, particularly in the major cities. With different political outlooks and currency exchange rate variations, investing foreign currency into UK property is often a great benefit. 

So how do you ensure that these buyers outside the UK see your property on the market? You need to make sure that your agent has access to these buyers. Simple right? But it's not. In fact, many countries have multiple property website platforms to market homes for sale. The average high street estate agent will have access to only two or three property portal websites specific to the UK. 

We have the solution!

But By Design has the answer. Our agents have access to the upper echelon of high-net-worth property purchasers from over 51 countries, promoting properties on 95 different websites, including the Wall Street Journal real estate section and others in China, the US and Europe. 
This ensures that our homes are in front of the best potential buyers with available cash to spend outside the UK. Of course, the UK buyers are fully catered for as well; that goes without saying, but having access to other potential buyers worldwide gives our sellers a considerable advantage and an increased opportunity to sell their homes for the best price. 

And the best thing is this fantastic opportunity is only a small element of what By Design agents do when marketing unique, premium properties for sale.

Want to know more? Get in touch with By Design to discover how our system is helping homeowners across the UK sell their premium homes.