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The right time is always the right time; timing the sale of your property perfectly.

Are you thinking about selling your home? Perhaps you need a little more space or a new location. Whatever the reason, finally taking the plunge takes time; it is a huge decision. Read this article to help you decide if it is the right time to put your property on the market for sale.
The right time is always the right time; timing the sale of your property perfectly.
There are many different opinions on how often the average homeowner will move, ranging from every nine to every twenty-three years. The main point is that the average homeowner will move house only a handful of times in their lives.

Research shows that the desire to move begins long before the property is marketed. It can take up to a year, or sometimes more, to finally take the plunge and start the process of putting your home up for sale. It is such a huge task that often, regardless of the reason you are considering moving, you may wait until that reason is unavoidable. It isn't a case of procrastination; it is just that the failings of your home and the reasons it no longer works for you are not bad enough to push you into selling the property.

But, eventually, after perhaps a year or more of the property not working for you anymore, you will be frustrated by trying to make things work and the desire to move to somewhere new will grow stronger. Soon, selling your home will not seem daunting because, suddenly, the task is worth the effort.

But what about the market at the time that you come to this decision? Should you hold on for things to look better? Or get the property up for sale before you are really ready to take advantage of seemingly good market conditions?

It really comes down to the reasons that you need to move. Often, there is no way for you to delay your plans; you may be forced into a move through work relocation or schooling for your children. And honestly, like many significant life-altering decisions that we each have to take throughout our lives at some time or another, there is never a perfect time to do it.

During the Credit Crunch, the most challenging point of the property market was in 2009. Many people were out of work struggling with their finances, and the number of property repossessions increased dramatically. But even then, homes were still sold in the darkest days of the property recession.

Of course, the number of homes that were sold during this time was far lower than during a rising market, but the fact remains that people will always need to live somewhere, and there were many sales during that tricky time.

There is no way to know precisely when you should try to sell your home, only that it is a personal decision. Don't feel forced into this decision too quickly by the conditions of the market and the economy. Properties will still sell, regardless of what is happening with inflation or interest rates. If you intend on buying a new property immediately, then the person you buy from will be in the same position as you, selling during the same market conditions.

It has been a tricky few years in the housing market; with rising prices and huge demand, many people have worried about missing out or ending up in a bidding war with other buyers. But just because things have settled slightly doesn't mean you've missed the boat.

In fact, whilst the market has steadied, property values are still much higher than those pre-pandemic. If it is the right time for you to finally put your home on the market, prices are still holding strong. True, there is not the chaotic interest from buyers we have had in previous years, but that market was not sustainable anyway.

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