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Uncover the magic behind By Design and learn how we are changing the premium property market forever

As an estate agency brand growing exceptionally quickly, spanning nationwide coverage and bringing together many independent partner agents, there is only one way to ensure that the service levels from one branch to another are exemplary. Read on to find out more...
Uncover the magic behind By Design and learn how we are changing the premium property market forever
As a company grows and covers a broader area, with many people and personalities involved, it is essential to have core values to ensure that all arms of the business are making decisions aligned with these values to maintain the company’s vision and shape the culture. It could even be said that a business without core values isn’t really a business. 

So it should come as no surprise that By Design is a company with solid core values that all our independent agents resonate deeply with. This ensures that across the network, our team are all singing from the same sheet, and our buyers and sellers are delighted with the service no matter which location they are dealing with. 

At the heart of the By Design network is collaboration. We are a network of agents working across the country, but as an industry first, we are all working together to ensure that our clients have the best home-moving experience possible. If a seller places their home on the market with a by Design agent, we want them to be able to buy from another of our agents and have continuity in service levels that are top-notch. The experienced professionals accepted into the group must demonstrate the highest quality service to all clients.

The agents within the network collaborate to sell properties listed using a shared and connected database of contacts, allowing agents in one town to market properties to buyers registered in another town.

But the collaboration is not just between our agents. The collaboration is with you too. Instructing By Design to sell your home is a collaboration between you and the agent. The optimal marketing strategy to sell your home is developed in collaboration with you, the seller.

Selling properties in the premium market is not an overnight success; it takes dedication and investment to ensure the right exposure to target the optimal buyers with higher budgets. A simple for-sale board and a quick post online will not suffice when working with premium homes, so there must be an investment of time, money and energy to achieve success.

Our agents invest financially to provide a fantastic marketing budget that benefits the group overall, enabling media and press advertising to help every single seller within the network. There is also an investment of time, as each agent attends monthly workshops with world-class speakers so that you can be confident that you have the best agent working for you when you sell your home. 

One size certainly does not fit all, particularly at the higher value end of the market, and unique properties require a unique approach to sell them for the highest price. With this in mind, your marketing strategy and plan for selling your home is bespoke and created, By Design. Our agents must focus on what is achieving success for our sellers rather than simply always doing what agents have always done. Understanding the property and the sellers’ needs clearly allows us to create a bespoke plan to improve the potential sale price by targeting the perfect buyer for the property. 

By Design runs like clockwork, and all partner agents work together seamlessly. The lifeblood of the network is the strong core values that are a constant thread woven throughout every process. The core values that each of our partner agents live by ensures that our clients have the very best experience when moving home.

Having clear company values means that everyone is working towards the same goals. Core values are the glue that holds the network together, ensuring that the experience for all clients is exceptional. Our values are unique to the network and shape the tone and reputation of everything we do.

Although a relatively new concept in an industry where there is usually fierce competition between estate agents, the By Design way is growing very quickly and is already seeing fantastic results. Our agents and clients have already experienced enormous success with multiple locations nationwide and growing each week.

A great example of the By Design system working well is a client who viewed a property with our partner agent in St Neots. He was so blown away by the service, the unique approach and the overall experience that he asked that agent to market his property for him to sell. The only snag was that his property was in Farnham.

This was no problem for By Design, though; they contacted the partner agent in Farnham and arranged a valuation, the property is now on the market, and the client is using By Design end-to-end for his big move. The agents are collaborating to get his home sold, and all involved are delighted. The By Design way really does work!

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