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Want to move house in time for the new school year in September?

Are you planning to move house this year? Many of us plan our home move to complete before the school year starts in September - read this article to find out how to make sure you move in time.
Want to move house in time for the new school year in September?
Throughout the annual calendar, there are certain milestones that a home-mover will often try to align their move with. At the beginning of the year, many of us set intentions to move within that year. This is likely why property searches increase exponentially between Christmas and the end of January. From there, we have another uptick in new properties coming to the market in Spring; as the days get longer, gardens begin to fill with Daffodils, and skies are bluer, making property photography much more aesthetically pleasing. And finally, the return to school in September.

So many families will try to align their home move with the school holidays. Whether you need to move closer to a new school or it just feels simpler to move whilst the children are out of school in the summer, September is a critical milestone for many home-movers. How can you ensure that you manage the process to facilitate a move before the start of the new school year?

The key is to start with your end goal and work backwards. The average legal sale process in the UK takes 16 weeks. If you intend to complete a move by the beginning of September, you need to have started the legal process by May.

This leaves you just enough time to find the property you want to buy and negotiate an offer before instructing the solicitors and mortgage lenders to prepare the sale for you. But, that is not tonnes of time.

Most buyers will view up to 10 properties before making a shortlist of the ones that interest them. Then, before deciding on the one, there will often be another round of viewing appointments for the shortlisted properties

So, if you hope to move house by the start of the new school year in September of 2024, get in touch with By Design today to register your information and details of the ideal property for you to ensure that you have a head start on those viewing appointments.

If you have to sell your property to buy, you really don't have time to waste. You need your property valued and launched to the market without delay so you can have your offers and negotiate your sale before the end of May. Priced correctly with a solid marketing strategy, promotion, and exposure, a well-presented property should see plenty of interest and offers in your property very quickly, meaning that your deadline and timescale should be met.

Give our team of property experts a call and inform them of your timeline and schedule so they can effectively assist you in making your home-moving dreams a reality.