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Why it's essential to get your property marketing right from the outset

Read this article before you launch your property for sale to ensure that you get things right from the outset to avoid dire consequences.
Why it's essential to get your property marketing right from the outset
There are so many decisions to make when you're starting to put your property on the market for sale, but unfortunately, the consequences of those decisions are not quantifiable until it is too late.

The average homeowner will only sell a property a handful of times in their whole lives, and therefore, it can feel confusing to know what to do for the best when the time comes for you to move. Between sales, the market and industry can be turned upside down completely, meaning that what you thought you knew about selling a property could be irrelevant now. As an example, newspaper advertising is now almost entirely eschewed by estate agents, who opt instead for online portal websites to ensure that the coverage of properties for sale is not restricted by location and publication dates.

So, before you go live and launch your property to the market, consider for a moment if you have everything in place correctly. Why? Because the use of online marketing and promotion of a property, which over the last 15 years has become the most widely used method to market a property for sale, can have lasting effects on the overall sale of your home.

Pricing Strategy: You must have a proper pricing strategy when you launch your property on the market. Taking the highest figure from your valuations and going on the market for that price is not a sensible approach.
Why? - Because the initial 4 - 6 weeks of the property marketing will be when the promotion of your property will be at the highest level with the launch. The activity of potential buyers will reduce each week that the property is on the market, so the aim is to showcase the property to as many potential buyers as possible in this active window.

Marketing Materials: The presentation of your property and the photography and wording the agent will prepare for your launch to the market must be as high a standard as possible, showcasing your property in the best light.
Why? Because the images will be the first thing the potential buyers will see and be attracted to. If you can't appeal to the buyers with these images and the wording, there will be nothing to hook them in and compel them to book an in-person viewing. There are a few rare cases of buyers purchasing a property without viewing it, particularly in the premium market when the investment is so high, so your first aim is to arrange as many viewing appointments as possible.

Choice of Estate Agent: Crucially, choosing the right agent to sell your home for you is essential to get right. Yes, it is possible to change agents and try with another company. Still, once you have been on the market past those initial 4-6 weeks, your property will have been promoted in the market already. Therefore, any potential damage could have already been done.
Why? You need to select an estate agent who is experienced and familiar with selling properties just like yours as they will already know how to handle the property, how to market it to get the best response from buyers and will already have a database of potential buyers in the price bracket that your property will sit.

Launching to the market with substandard marketing or an incorrect pricing strategy will leave you with few options if you don't achieve a sale quickly. Sadly, the only real option to boost the activity levels and attract more viewings is to look at a price reduction, which will move your property into a new bracket and open it up to a new audience of buyers.

Each day your property is on the market, the interest is dwindling. With each day and week that passes without a sale, the marketing of the property is suffering and will result in a reduced sales price. It is absolutely vital to get it right the first time. So, check that you are ready to launch to the market from a strong and stable foundation to give your sale the best chance of success.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, contact our experts to ensure you get your marketing right from the outset.