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Why property portals alone will not be enough if you want to sell your property for the best price.

We are living in strange times. Times whereby your last conversation will result in you seeing an advert about that very subject on your phone. In this article we look at how every property requires personalised marketing to specific people in order to sell your property for the most money in the shortest amount of time.
Why property portals alone will not be enough if you want to sell your property for the best price.
When an average estate agent markets a property, they post it to the property portal websites and cross their fingers while waiting for potential buyers to get in touch.
This average action usually gives average results.
They'll get a few calls or emails if they're lucky.
Maybe they'll book some viewings. And maybe, just maybe, they get an offer for their seller.
Not exactly the best way to ensure you get the highest possible price for your property.
Lots of hope and finger crossing involved here, isn't there?
Property portal websites are not a failsafe option to get your home sold.
And relying on them entirely will certainly not get you the highest offers!
If your home is exceptional, it will take exceptional marketing to show it off. Attracting as many potential buyers as possible to view, rather than hoping that they find it for themselves in the never-ending scroll of properties on the websites.
Rightmove and other similar property portal websites attract a passive audience.
It's the social media of property.
Mindless scrolling for hours until your arms go numb.
This disengaged audience will give you high click-through rates, as nosey people look at the photographs in more detail, but very few genuine leads from interested buyers.
And what sort of buyers are in the databases of these agents?
Is it an engaged database of quality buyers that has been appropriately qualified? You would expect so but in most cases agents are using out of date technology that is simply not up to scratch for this sort of work.
Does the agent know what stage of the process each applicant is at to pinpoint the exact time that they are ready to buy?
Can they drill down to the precise location they want to buy so that they know just who to call when a property comes onto the market in that location?
It's more likely an endless list of phone numbers or email addresses that contain no relevant details about what that person is searching for.
And the poor people on this list will be inundated with emails for every property listed by this agent, whether it suits them or not.
And there'll be no clean-up, so they will stay on this list long after they've moved house too.
This essentially makes their database so outdated that it's rendered entirely useless.
You need a connected database of the best estate agents in the country, handling sales of the most unique and exciting properties, using innovative technology and marketing strategies to ensure that properties attract the perfect buyers, who will make the best offers.
By Design agents work within a fully connected database, with AI working behind the scenes, ensuring that the database is scoured to find the perfect buyer for your property as soon as it becomes available.
How is this different to any other connected estate agency network?
The other systems require agents to manually refer sellers and buyers between the branches across the country.
If Mr & Mrs Smith put their home on the market in Aberdeen, the agent will only be able to market that home to the applicants registered with their own branch. But perhaps Mr & Mrs Jones from Abingdon want to move to Aberdeen. How will they know about the Smith's home?
It depends on the agents manually informing each other.
As I'm sure you can appreciate, this rarely happens when offices are busy, and the staff are rushed off their feet.
But, if the Smiths' marketed their home with a By Design agent, the system would know that the Jones's want to move to Aberdeen and that the Smith's home is perfect for them. The By Design agent in Aberdeen will be alerted to this so they can make the all-important call and get them booked in for a viewing.
The system can pinpoint the perfect buyer for your home, even if they don't live in your town.
Of course, By Design, agents don't just sit back and let the AI do all the work. They're harnessing innovation and technology to work smart in finding you the perfect buyer.
And why should your agent use AI to locate the perfect buyer?
Because if your home is perfect for someone, that someone is likely to pay the highest price possible to buy their perfect home.

(Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash)